Sunday, January 01, 2017

All is Quiet on New Year's Day. A World of White Gets Underway

As the sun sets on another year, I have so many thoughts and feelings...As usual. 2016 was a hard one for me for many reasons. I still feel so lucky to have the incredible partner and daughters that I do and though my health was tested, I fought hard and won this battle with cancer for now and I'll keep trying to do what I need to keep it from coming back - which, from what the doctors say, means to exercise as much as possible and eat right (which I love) and to minimize my alcohol intake (which I'm working on).

As I always say, I don't do resolutions, I just try to work on my shit every day. Some days are better than others in that respect...But for 2017, I will continue to play as hard as I work and love and learn and hope for good things for myself and everyone else.

I hope your 2017 is way better than your 2016.

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