Thursday, January 12, 2017

And Now My Mind is Working Overtime, It's Been a Looooooong Day.

On our last day, we got up and got moving by 9 so we could get to the Air in Space Museum before it opened and hopefully not have to wait in line very long. Although the line was long, it was a good plan, because I wait was easily doable.

We checked out the gift shop and I bought a pair of Einstein socks. When I went to put my card in the machine, it gave me the screen for a debit card, even though it was a credit card and not a bank one. the woman told me to put my car d back and try again, so I did.

We looked around at the flight stuff and then got a snack before we headed to the space stuff.

The space stuff was really cool too.

And my girls were very sweet about posing for dorky photos.

We headed to the Holocaust Museum and past an Art Museum that had some really cool sculptures.

The Holocaust Museum was very well done and of course, really intense.

I thought the section where they take you through the life of a Jewish child during the Holocaust was the most powerful. You really feel it as you walk through and follow the story. It's such a sad, sad chapter in world history.

While we were at the Holocaust Museum, I got a call and voice mail message. I checked it out and called back my credit card company because they said that someone made some weird charges. I thought it might just be that we were in D.C., but when they told me what the charges were, I knew I had been hacked. $300 on clothes? Me? I might spend that much on food...So, I instantly spazzed (one of my "strengths") and they stopped my card and took the charges off, but I only had one other card with me, which was Mine and John's joint account. We only put so much money in it to take care of bills and mortgage, so we only had $100 dollars left. It was our last day, but we still needed money for food for the rest of that day and the way home and gas to get us home the next day.

I texted John to ask him if he could slide even $100 more into our account, and because he is so wonderful, he said he just slid the money he was going to put in for next month a little earlier. Whew! I had to take the girls outside because the Holocaust Museum is cavernous with tons of background noise and I am quickly becoming a deaf old woman.

Because the lines were so long and we still had a few things we wanted to see that day, we never got to see the rest of the Holocaust Museum. We did, however, go to the National Archives and see one of the Declarations of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights AND the Magna Carta.

We headed to the National Gallery again. My friend Annie had told us about a great gelato cafe right before you get to the underground tunnel to go to the other art building. Since we never got lunch, we decided gelato would be a lovely meal.

The tunnel between the two building was its own art installation. So cool.

The other side of the National Gallery was most of the abstract and more modern art. Coadster doesn't really appreciate art that's just a colored piece of cloth or other things she could just do herself, but she does love Pop Art.

 Apparently, it was my day to see car art.

We headed out of the museum and went to the National Cathedral to meet my friend Kit. I met her back in the 80's during my activist days and haven't seen her since 1987. She asked us to meet her at the cathedral, but sadly, it was already closed. The outside was pretty damn impressive, though.

We walked over to a Mexican restaurant and had a lovely meal and a great conversation. The girls and I headed home early, so we could clean and pack and then we all just passed out in our respective beds. It may not have been as spectacular as our first day, and there were certainly some problems (one BIG one), but it was a very nice way to end our trip.

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