Saturday, January 07, 2017

So Happy Together. We're Happy Together.

The day after Christmas was much, much better. Our plan was to meet John and his family at his sister's house in Virginia. Since we didn't get to see the changing of the guard on Christmas and it was on the way, we figured, why not?

I'm glad we saw it. The whole things was pretty impressive. Although, I did feel sorry for the guards that had to stand in the cold for an hour. It had to be so boring.

We headed to John's sister's place from the cemetery and it was so cute. I had never met John's brother-in-law before, because he won't fly and doesn't come to visit Iowa. he is a great guy and knows as much or more about history than Coadster.

They took us to Harper's Ferry for the day.

It was so cool. I love crazy, old, John Brown, and I figured they'd just had a plaque or something showing where he was captured, but they had an entire town of buildings showing how everything was at the time of Brown's capture. PLUS, it is on the Appalachian Trail, so now we can say we hiked part of it...Like about a half mile.

We had lunch and checked out all of the stores and museums. It was a little chilly and windy, but the hiking kept us warm.

It was a quite a trek up to Table Rock. John told his mom he'd stay with her while we hiked up the big hill, but she said she was fine. She marched right up and didn't even seem to be breathing hard like the rest of us. Such a beast.

Table Rock is super cool when you finally climb up to it and the view from up there is spectacular.

We took John for the night and went back into the city. We decided to go to Dupont Circle for dinner and drinks. We found a place that had happy hour until 8 o'clock which included $8 sushi rolls and 1/2 priced drinks. It was a hookah bar too, but we didn't partake. It smelled really good in there. Not smokey at all, but more like if you had a wood burning stove going.

The next bar we went to was more like a tavern with a couple of levels. The first level was more like a regular bar...

But the second level was more like a tiki bar with skee ball and pinball machines. We loved it, and as you can tell from the photo, Coadster kicked all of our asses in skee ball. Damn her.

We made one more stop to Fox and Hounds. It's a gay bar and so wonderful. The bartender was so cute and sweet and he set us up right with drinks and kept trying to buy us shots and telling us he loved us. The other patrons were super fun two. Half of them were watching Monday Night Football and the other was watching the newest version of "Hairspray" and they were all laughing about it.

I would say that Monday night was probably my favorite night in D.C.. Mostly because we were all four together...And we all got along so well.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad all of you got to travel together - You must bring Ale next time you come to Austin! Great idea to travel at Xmas

Tara Coady said...

Ale' is still upset that she missed the Austin trip. Next time for sure.