Monday, January 09, 2017

I CanSee a New Horizon. Underneath the Blazin' Sky.

On Tuesday we got going pretty early. We wanted to get our Library of Congress library cards before we met John's family.

 I thought it was just going to be a library, where you went to some kind of desk, filled out the paperwork and got your card. Boy, was I wrong.

The building was gorgeous. Pretty much every little corner of it.

And they even had their own exhibits.

We spent way more time than we thought we would at the library.

The exhibits were engrossing.

We finally tore ourselves away from all of the amazing information and checked out what the actual library part of the Library of Congress looks like. We saw a woman sitting down there and as John pointed out, she was texting. I really want to go in there and read some cool shit if I ever get to go back to D.C. and if I do, you can bet your sweet bippy I won't waste that time texting.

So, we finally got our library cards and they are good for the next two years.

John's family rolled in from Virginia and we met them at the botanical gardens. If you look closely into the silver balls, you can see Stinky's bright pink jacket.

The gardens were lovely, but oh so packed. You could barely find a place to stand without people pressing you along.

We headed to the Native American Museum after that. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. The building was beautiful, but there wasn't much in it. Maybe I'm spoiled by going to the Herd Museum every month when I was a kid in Phoenix, but to me it seems like with so many tribes and so much culture and art and such a sad, sad history from all of us illegal immigrants who came to the US since the Mayflower and before and how badly we STILL treat the actual people who have a right to live in our fine country, that there would be several buildings of exhibits. I thought the gift store had more stuff in it than what I saw from the exhibits. A few of the exhibits I saw were really good and interesting, I just wanted more of that.

It was 64 degrees on that Tuesday and so it was really nice walking around. We ate lunch and then headed to the American History Museum. Stinky loved the African American exhibit and the First Ladies floor. Coadster loved all of it and was a wealth of knowledge any time we had questions about anything.

I was overly excited to see Julia Child's kitchen up close and personal like.

John and his family left us at the museum to get back to John's sister's house. John and his mom were flying back to Iowa pretty early the next day and they had to go home and pack. We definitely missed them after they left.

After the museums closed we walked to the Jefferson Monument, and walked and walked and walked...Even though our feet were killing us, we were lucky enough to see an incredible sunset behind it.

The monument itself was pretty cool too.

And we had this view on the way back. Not too shabby.

We took an Uber to the Georgetown area and hit another Happy Hour with drink and appetizer specials and I FINALLY got the crab cake sandwich I had been fantasizing about since we got to D.C.

 Then Stinky wanted to go the St Elmo's Fire Bar, which is really called The Tombs. We went there, but did walk around to some of the shops in Georgetown first, because we wanted to make extra special sure our feet would fall off by the end of the night...

Since it was just across the street, I made the girls check out the stairs from "The Exorcist". It was sufficiently creepy.

We took another Uber home and our driver was a very interesting character. She talked to all of the cars as if they could hear her through hers and their windows and I have never been honked at by so many people in my life. I'm happy to say that we made it home okay, though.

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