Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Is It Love that Brings You Here? Or Love That Brings You Life?

So, we went ahead and did it this weekend. Since it was a weekend of scariness and bad politics from our orange leader, it was nice to have something to be happy and excited about.

We got married in our reading room. It was pretty stress-free, except having to clean our house before everyone came over. Our house can get a little messy, what with us opting to go outside whenever we can and having bike parts on our kitchen table and then there's the damn cats...Well, the cats don't really mess up our house much, but we like to use them as an excuse whenever we can...

The girls and their boyfriends and their dogs (the most important guests) got there right before the justice of the peace. Our ceremony was short and sweet and very nice. We managed to put each others rings on without dropping them. A big feat for me. Our justice of the peace was very nice and dealt well with the noise and the dogs.

After we signed the license, we all went out for sushi for lunch. You know we like to celebrate everything with food. We got back home and Stinky and her boyfriend went home to take naps. John worked on the book  he was editing, and Coadster and her boyfriend became one with the couch and watched the Iowa State basketball game. I took that time to take Coadster's pooch on a long walk down the bike path. She was one happy dog.

 What we didn't have to do is greet a whole bunch of friends and relatives, make a bunch of small talk, uncomfortably open gifts we don't really need in front of people, have people waste grains or seeds by throwing them at us, and John didn't have to put his back out by trying to lift my 51 year old ass over any kind of threshold. Whew!

We decided to continue the celebration at 5:30 by going out to get BBQ and beer at Mosely's and then meeting some friends at the Dublin Underground. We even got all crazy and stayed out past 9 o'clock...Okay, not much past 9, but still.

The next morning we watched the Cyclocross Worlds race and I got to spend some time with Coadster's dog before they took off back to Des Moines.Then I went for a nice little run.

We found out the mountain bike trails were actually open. That rarely seems to happen in the Winter. We knew how we were going to spend our honeymoon - playing bikes outside with our friends!

There was some ice on the trails, so we had to be a little careful. I made it through almost 2 hours of riding without crashing once. It's a wedding weekend miracle!

We ended out weekend with good food and a couple of beers at Big Grove. I highly recommend the simple, quiet wedding ceremony, with close family and friends and as much bike riding as you can handle.


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