Monday, February 27, 2017

I'm Losing My Edge but I Was There. I Was There.

The photo above was taken in the 70's and that was me in it. What you can understand by that is...I am old. And because I am old, I still use words or phrases that are archaic and sometimes I do it on purpose to drive my daughters insane and sometimes I do it because I'm old damn it! I've been saying it that way now for a hundred million years, Either way, the joke is always on me.

Here is just a small sampling of things I say that mean I am old:

I use the term "aerobic", instead of "cardio". This tends to elicit a correction and huge eyerolls from my girls, "Oh my god, mother. This isn't the 80's"

I call the remote a "channel changer". I believe this not only makes me old, it might make me an ignorant hillbilly as well. my daughters still call it that, which should extinguish all hope that they might ever enter polite society at any point during their lives.

I use the term "instant access" instead of "ATM machine". It cracks me up and then I say it so much as a joke, that I forget and say it for real and no one knows what the hell I'm talking about and my daughters are horrified.

This isn't a word or phrase but sometimes I leave two spaces after a period.  As you can see, it looks weird now.

I am better now, but I used to say "World Wide Web" instead of internet. It was never all that funny and that's why I quit calling it that.

I still call DVD's videos and use the world "album" to refer to music. Sue me.

My daughters had no idea what this was.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, come back later when I attempt to fix the mistakes on my blog post with White-out.

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