Thursday, February 02, 2017

Welcome to the Working Week. Oh, I Know it Don't Thrill You. I Hope it Don't Kill You.

So, I haven't been the best about writing this week and I STILL haven't done an end of the year post for 2016. I've been a little busy for some reason, but I promise to get on that.

I'll just write about my week up until now, since I'm sure it will shock and amaze you...Or just put you to sleep. On Monday I got to work and they had a surprise happy wedding party for me. It was really sweet of them. That got that frame in the first photo for me, made with bike chain. How cool is that? They also got me a cake with a bike on it and some of my favorite Chicago style popcorn. The got me a Visa card and so I took John out for dinner for his last hurrah.

Archie is an idiot.

And when I say "last hurrah", I mean it was his last meal where he could eat anything he wanted, before he gets his colonoscopy on  Friday (OPP - old people problems).

Just in case your were wondering, Archie is just as big of an asshole as ever. He's still "helping" John do his yoga and trying to wake me up in the middle of the night, because he apparently doesn't get enough attention during our waking hours. Jerk.

Sooo, John had to eat low fiber food for two days and then just clear liquids today and until tomorrow afternoon. The low fiber diet was hard for him, since he doesn't eat much meat and mostly eats veggies. I tried hard to think of what I could make that didn't have much fiber, then I remembered homemade macaroni and cheese. Sure our cholesterol will go up 100 points, but at lease we're following his diet.


NoRegrets said...

I'm so avoiding that next step in my life. I guess I'll have to do it someday.

Tara Coady said...

Yeah. Me too. My doctor said I could do a GUIAC and send it in and if that comes out bad, I'd have to get a colonoscopy then.