Friday, February 10, 2017

See These Eyes So Green. I Can Stare For a Thousand Years.

Sorry I haven't written this week. It's been kind of rough around our house lately. Our girl Heidi has been really sick. I'll warn you that the picture under this is graphically gross.

It all started when I fed the cats at their normal time and right after that. Heidi jumped on the couch to get even MORE sleep, when she suddenly projectile vomited all over the cushion. She then freaked out, ran into the kitchen, puked some more and then crawled under the kitchen table where she became a mouth breather. John didn't think much of it, since cats puke and then we clean it up and they get over it, but you know how it is when you obsess over your pets...You can just feel that something's wrong.

Warning: Graphically gross photo after this point -

Heidi actually slept in our bed all night that night. Normally, she will tolerate us for a little bit, but what with my nighttime hot flashes and the throwing off of covers and then the throwing back of covers when the flash is over and I'm sweaty and freezing (pretty) about a hundred times a night, Heidi is usually way past annoyed and out of there after the first hour or so.

When I left for work, she was still breathing through her mouth, but we thought that maybe some of the puke went through her nose and that it would clear up within the day. I was still worried enough that I asked Stinky to come by on her way to class and check up on her. Normally, Heidi runs and hides when Stinky comes over, because she sometimes has that pesky puppy with her. This time, Stinky said, Heidi let her come up and pet her, so she knew something was way off. She took the above photo so we could see how sick she was.

John took her to the vet and they gave her some anti-nausea medicine and some anti-biotics. They said she had an upper respiratory infection. Poor baby. Her temperature was up to 104.5. John brought her home and she immediately hid, which isn't strange for Heidi.

The other strange thing is that Archie kept his distance and when he did get close to her, he started hissing. Archie loves Heidi more than he loves us and we feed him. I was so mad at him, but John said it's an instinctive response. It probably helps cats avoid getting sick themselves, when they sense a sick cat and avoid them. He said dogs will attack a sick animal. I suppose that's because dogs are pack animals and a sick member could mess-up the entire pack...Anyway, it was just sad to see Archie reacting to Heidi that way, especially when she was feeling so crappy.

So, as of today. Heidi's temperature is back to normal, but we still can't get her to eat or drink. John got some lactated ringers to inject something to hydrate Heidi and she is still taking her anti-biotics. I hope she's better through the weekend. I love her so much.

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