Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We Live for Just These Twenty Years, Do We Have to Die for the Fifty More?

Here I was in 1985 in Legget, CA., right before I moved to Big Bear Lake.

 This Thanksgiving should be nice and quiet. John and I will do a sloppy, muddy trail race in the morning. It happens to be the same trail race that I fell in last year and because of the swelling caused by the fall, wasn't able to walk for over a week. Needless, to say, I believe slow and steady will win the race for me tomorrow...Or it might lose the race for me, but I will go on to race another day...Hopefully. We'll come home, shower and take a nap...Hopefully and then start cooking. Dinner should just be John and myself and maybe Stinky and her boyfriend and then a few friends will come over for pie and drinks in the evening. No travel, no muss, no fuss...Hopefully.

Since it's still my blogeversary year still, I thought I'd repost this bit about a Thanksgiving I had 30 years ago, in 1985, when I was 20 whole years old. I remember it as a great adventure. An adventure I wouldn't have the patience or energy for anymore, but I'm glad I did that crazy shit when I was younger

The guy I was going out with at the time and I had just moved to Big Bear Lake, California and gotten jobs at Snow Summit Ski Resort. We had previously been working for the California Conservation Corps up in Northern California, where we only got paid once at the beginning of the month and had to wait another week for our last checks. We had almost no money and were staying at our friend's parent's Summer A-frame cabin until we could get our own place. Earlier in the day, we took the shuttle van (cince I didn't know how to drive and neither one of us had a car) to the store and spent the last of our money on frozen egg rolls. It had just snowed and so we holed up in the cabin and ate our eggroll feast and watched The Twilight Zone marathon that was on one of the channels we were able to pick up from Los Angeles. At the time, we kept laughing at how pathetic we were, but now it feels like the perfect way to spend the holiday as a new and still very awkward adult.

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