Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Must be the Season of the Witch, Yeah.

Sure the pumpkins are nice, but check out the big orange thing under the chair.

So, I took two whole days off of any kind of physical activity...Except bike commuting to work on Friday and Saturday. I decided I just needed to reboot. I got almost an entire novel read in that time and harassed the cats as much as possible. I did feel much better after the rest.

Halloween was a very mellow affair in our house this year. John went to Kent Park to look at another possible Cyclocross location during the morning, while I ran errands.I even put gas in my car for the first time since the beginning of August. Not bad, eh?

Our Halloween night was WAY different than mine used to be back when my girls were younger. John and I just had a nice dinner. I baked garlic butter salmon and made the brussel sprout slaw with dried cranberries, apples (the recipe called for pears, but I'm not a fan), walnuts and cooked shallots, I got from Iowa Girl Eats blog, and brown rice with a little butter, Tamari and nutritional yeast (what some like to call hippie dust). It was a lovely meal. We watched some professional Cyclo cross races on-line and went to bed nice and early. There was no trick-or-treating, and no getting my girls ready for parties, like when they were in high school and staying up to make sure they got home on time. Sure, it's not quite as fun, but it isn't quite as stressful either.


Todd said...

I had a few years like that but it's now back in full force but without the stress. Ya gotta love being a grandparent.

Churlita said...

Yeah. My boyfriend always says he never wanted to have kids of his own, but he's glad I do, because he's always wanted to be a grandpa.