Wednesday, November 11, 2015

And It Makes Me Feel so Fine, I Can't Control My Brain

Since I went all crazy and worked my butt off on Saturday, I woke up with a light migraine and I was still pretty tired on Sunday.

I decided to slow things down a bit. John went to help work on the Jingle Cross course and so he got to be social and helpful and I got to stay home and be nerdy and not be social. A win/win for both of us.

This new bridge reminded me of the McDonalds arches.

I read a few pages of my book and then went out to do a trail run in Hickory Hill Park. I hadn't done any trail running in about 2 months and I missed it.

Since I need to build up my strength, I thought it would be a good idea to work on hills. After running up a few of those, I realized I need a LOT more practice on them. I was lucky enough to see another deer while I was running. This time it was a huge buck who was running across the trail, stopped when he saw me and struck a pose. What a ham...Or venison.

After I got home from running and John got back from working on the cyclocross course, I made some hummus for sandwiches and we took off for the Sugarbottom MTB trails.

We hadn't ridden them in a  long time and it was so fun, but I was VERY rusty. John also wanted to check out the campground area there to map out the best cyclocross course, so we got to ride around some really beautiful areas.

I worked on trying to ride sand again...Yeah. I'll keep working on it.

I think we hit every possible terrain there is in Iowa.

After we finished riding, we stopped at Big Grove for some craft beer and good food. Having such fun adventure filled weekends make it sooooooo hard to go back to work on Mondays.

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