Friday, November 06, 2015

Hey, It's Good to be Back Home Again.

Yesterday, I gave myself a break and took a few hours of vacation time. It was probably the last warm day until Spring (although I've been thinking that for a month, now) and I wanted to get in a nice run before it got dark at 5. It was perfect and made me so happy. It's November and the trees are still so pretty.

Beautiful weather this week meant a lunch of black bean chili with cornbread and guacamole and a book outside.

This weekend we aren't doing any racing. Instead, I hope to get leaves raked and my garden ready for Winter and books read and good food made, and bikes ridden and roads and trails run....

...And most of all, I hope to go home tonight to find my beautiful boyfriend covered in stinky cats. 4:30 can't come soon enough.

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