Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Less We Say About It the Better.

Me clumsily warming-up before a 25K trail race we did a few years ago.
Today I finally ran my 6 mile route for the first time in probably a couple of months. I was feeling pretty strong and bad-assed and in my head I was as graceful as a gazelle. About halfway through my route, I saw a beautiful doe jump over a fence that was close to chest high on me. When she realized she was heading into traffic, she stopped on a dime, turned around and in one fluid, elegant movement jumped right back over that same fence and back into the much safer prairie. Needless to say, I was oh so very humbled.


Dan said...

Is that snow???? Where are you?? Deer always do that to me. One nearly killed me a few years ago while I was on a motorcycle, but I can still appreciate their elegance.

Todd said...

Can you imagine the aerobic capacity that they have? I've seen deer sprint up hills that take me twenty minutes to climb. They are a beautiful animal. Great day to get out and crunch some leaves running.

Todd said...

I hit one on my bicycle at 40 mph on a downhill two weeks before IM Wisconsin. Broke my foot and my Look carbon bike in three pieces! 2008

Churlita said...

Dan, It's okay. That was from a few years ago. It was cold this morning here, but no snow so far. Whew.

Todd, They are amazing creatures. I'm sorry you hit one on your bike. A guy in Des Moines just did that a week or so ago and he was pretty roughed up. I'm glad you are healed up from that.