Monday, November 09, 2015

Throw Away the Work to be Done

Holy cow, it is great to have a weekend when I don't feel like shit. It;s been since September. I forgot what it was like to actually have energy.

When I got home from work on Friday, I saw the mark of death on my tree. It was the one where the gigantic limb fell about a centimeter away from my car. I love that tree. It's beautiful and symmetrical with the other tree, but I understand how dangerous it will be if it falls over onto our house or onto cars or people walking by our house. So, in the next week or two, the city will come by and cut down our tree, then grub out the stump and plant another tree in its place. RIP, beautiful tree.

On Saturday I decided to see how much I could get done. I've been delinquent on basically everything these days, and I felt like I needed to get going. Sooooo, I woke up at 7, read my book for an hour and a half, finished it, got out my next book, ran my 6 mile route...

Came home, had a GENIUS idea to mow the leaves in the front and the back of my yard instead of raking them. Half the work half the time and about half the leaves in our yard were taken care of. I still have some from the side yard and the back where the rock landscaping is that I can't mow, but man, it was nice to take care of all of that. I also worked in my garden, getting it ready for a long Winters nap. I cleaned the hell out of my living room, with some "help" from Archie. John and I switched out the screens for storm windows, John washed all the windows and cleaned the gutters, while I mowed the leaves away.

I took a break from house and yard work to go on a little cyclocross ride around town. I usually ride around in parks and try cornering around trees, and working on starts. I went to the ACT compound and rode around there. I've never seen a no trespassing or no bike riding sign, so I think it's okay...They mow out these cool trails for their employees, but they're pretty steep ups and downs and there are plenty of potholes and leaves covering roots, so it's great for cyclocross practice.

It was getting dark, so I headed home. I went out a different parking lot and passed this guy. He didn't seem all that friendly, so I moseyed along.

After I got home and took a long, hot, bath, I made a funky dinner of BBQ shrimp scampi over brown rice and zucchini tots. As you all know, food makes me very happy. We finished the evening by watching the original movie version of  "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I was wonderfully exhausted.

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