Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Now If 6 Turned Out to be 9. I don't mind, I don't mind.

So, I guess it had to happen. I had a weekend that wasn't quite, necessarily all that wonderful and amazing. I had gone almost a month without a migraine when, BAM! It hit me. I felt crappy on Friday. I was going to go for a run after work, but couldn't do it. John said he wasn't feeling it either. Instead, I went to the car dealership and co-signed on a loan for Stinky's first car. It looks like a good deal for her, but I told her she BETTER make her payments.

Before I left to take care of that, I told John that I wasn't into cooking, but I would gladly buy him a black bean burger and beer at Shorts. He had no objections whatsoever. It ended up being a nice mellow night. We got home from dinner and watched a couple of episodes of "Grace and Frankie", a new series on Netflix streaming. I love Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. We keep waiting for Dolly Parton to make a guest appearance.

On Saturday it hit me. A migraine that was worse than I've had in many moons. I took my meds at around 4 am and went back to bed. I woke up later, feeling a little better and decided to put my big girl chamois on and get ready for a fun bike ride with our friends. The ride was really nice.It was cold out and drizzled several times, but we were riding our bikes, so all was good. At one point, a guy came up and asked if he could ride with us. I recognized him, because we had done a group ride with our bike racing team and he was on that and he was a FB friend, but he doesn't have a picture up, so I didn't recognize him as one. It turned out that he has been racing bikes for the last three decades and used to travel to races with our friends Kara and Clarke. He rode to Solon with us and headed back, while we went to the brew pub for lunch. Before he left, he said he'd love to ride with us again.

It was our friend, John H.'s birthday, so we got to sit around a fire pit in sporadic drizzle and eat and drink and flip him so much shit. He took it well, I'd say he is very used to it...And all boys like attention whether it's good or bad, right?

We rode back and stopped at the Hilltop to play pool and help our friend celebrate his birthday even more. I drank a lot of water, since my migraine was back raging. I tried to last as long as I could, since I knew John was having a good time and if I went home, he would worry and leave too, to make sure I got home all right.I hung-out until I couldn't stand it and finally told John I had to go home, but that he should stay and have fun. He, of course, said he wanted to go  home too. Which was sweet of him. The ride home was brutal. Every bump I hit caused a little explosion inside my brain...And don't even get me started on how it felt when I hit the cobble stone street. I think I have invented a new form of torture - just take your migrainey prisoner down a cobblestone street on a bike and they will tell you anything you want to hear. I finally got home, took more migraine meds and passed-out.

On Sunday I woke-up and the migraine was still raging. I took even more meds and passed-out again. Apparently, while I was sleeping, John was watching World Cup Mountain Bike Racing and it got him all excited to go play on mountain bikes himself. Because migraine meds restrict blood flow, I have to be careful not to exercise very hard, so I couldn't go play mountain bikes with him.

I was pouty and whiny about it, until I got over myself. I decided that since I couldn't do the thing I wanted to do, I had to figure out what I COULD do. So, I decided to work out in the yard. I love, love, love yard work. I got excited to mow the lawn and I planted about 40 different plants, bulbs and roots for lilies, marigolds, daisies, snap dragons, gladiolas and dahlias. I weeded and tilled and mulched. I had a friend come over to get some extra daisies I had and I worked on landscaping the backyard a little better. I was outside working almost the entire day. If I couldn't get endorphins, I could get all full of vitamin D. If I couldn't pedal a bike, I could play in the mud. I have to say, it was a pretty fair trade.

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