Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Feel the Arms That Reach Out to Hold Me, In the Evening When the Day is Through.

After the race on Saturday, it was still only noon. A storm rolled in on the way home, but then it cleared-up and got hot.

John asked me what my plan for the rest of the day was. I told him I didn't know. I had been obsessing about the weather and what I would do for the race, but never thought about anything after. I told John it was as if I wouldn't make it through it. ha ha. John wondered if after a nap and a shower, would I want to have a sushi dinner and movie date. Hell, yes, I would!

He napped, and I read my booke. Even though I was sooo tired, I was too amped-up after the race to sleep. He went for a little run and then we went for an early sushi dinner. We saw the new Jurassic Park movie. It was good Summer fare, As we walked out, John asked, "How much did you like that movie and how embarrassed are you to admit that?" That was exactly how I felt about it.

 On Sunday I woke-up without any kind of migraine. Hooray! I read a little, went on a 4 mile recovery run, did some laundry, made lunch and then John and I met some friends for a 35 mile, hilly bike ride to Solon. It was a lot of fun. We went with a couple of guys who live in other towns, but are back because their dad is having surgery. So, we got to know them better and had a really good time.

We made it home from our ride and then watched a documentary movie about the 100th year of the Tour de France.

This warm and rainy Spring looks like it might turn into a warm and humid Summer. It's not good for mountain bike racing, but it is making my garden out of control, happy. One of these days, I might even get around to weeding it...

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