Wednesday, June 10, 2015

He Doesn't Look a Thing Like Jesus.

Kids, I am F-R-I-E-D, FRIED! I haven't taken a rest day since the triathlon. Which I know is D-U-M, dumb, but it all just kind of worked out that way.

Not hard to follow the path into this amazing sunrise.

On Monday, I wanted to get a little run in after work, so I could get at least 4 days of running in this week. Then after that, we had our social, Monday night ride. It's only about 23 miles there and back and usually pretty slow and relaxed, but then someone takes off, and my first instinct is to jump on their wheel and then try and hang on as long as I can, which was the whole way left, and so my easy, social ride got a little harder.

The buddha statue looked pretty impressive against that backdrop.

I was going to take Tuesday off, but there is big chance of rain on Thursday and they close the mountain bike trails after it rains, and they just opened them back up that morning, so John and I went on a wonderful Tuesday night date. We rode trails. We both said we were too tired to ride very hard, but it is so fun to just toodle along on the trails anyway. We rode for about an hour and then had a beer and a sandwich at Shorts and then went home and watched an X-Files episode before bed. My favorite kind of date. So many bases were covered.

So, then this morning I decided to do a 6 mile run, and oh, man did I feel how sore my legs were, but it was all so worth it for the amazing views. About a half a block into my run, I see a flash in front of me and realize it is a hawk gunning down on a bunny. It saw me and flew into a tree and the bunny made a clean get away. Sorry, Mr Hawk about your breakfast, but bunny, you owe me one. Please tell those of you ilk to keep away from my garden this Summer.

The sunrise and the wild flowers were also worth being awed by. It was so humid that I sweated out 3 lbs over the course of my run. It was kind of fun to see that on the scale, but I know that all I have to do is drink a glass of water and I gain it all back...

I finished up my run and now I will finally take a recovery day tomorrow. If weather permits, I will try to run again on Friday after work, but if not, I have a horribly, hilly over one hundred mile bike ride waiting for me on Saturday, so I'm good.

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