Monday, June 15, 2015

And You May Find Yourself in Another Part of the World.

We didn't get home from TOMROV until close to 7 last night, so I am playing catch-up all day today and I forgot to bring my phone and blah and blah and blah. I had to highjack this photo off of Facebook. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have time to get my photos up and running and maybe even figure out how to attach a video here.

It was a great weekend. 196 miles of EXTREMELY hilly riding. The views were amazing and the people were all so incredibly nice. This pic was taken by a woman who was sitting next to me at the De Soto House. She started asking me questions about the ride. She was from Chicago and just started riding last year. She was really nice and gave me a bunch of packets of wet wipes, let me charge my phone with her portable charger and had her husband take a photo of all four of us. How nice is that? Almost everyone we met on the ride was like that.

I'm hoping I'll get photos and video all set-up to write my post ride post.

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