Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And the Heat Wave's Calling Your Name.

Sunday started with a whimper. I woke-up with a slight migraine. It wasn't the kind that knocks me out and makes me non-functional, but I was worried it would get worse as the day progressed. I decided to risk and not take my meds, since I knew the hills coming out of Dubuque would be treacherous and my meds make me so weak. Instead, I took some Advil, did my biofeedback exercises and John gave me a little neck rub. Luckily, that all did the trick for the most part. My migraine wasn't gone, but it never developed into anything so bad that I couldn't ride.

After a few logistical issues with getting our luggage and persons to the start, the second day of TOMROV was just fine. We rode through Mines of Spain park which was really lovely, but the hills in and just outside of the park, were enough to make a grown woman cry...Especially after 106 hilly miles the day before. My legs and butt were already sore to begin with and my migraine made my feet and hands get all needles and pinsy and numb. So, I did get a little whiny at different parts of the day and I wasn't riding half as fast as I did the day before. Which was actually okay. I think we were all feeling the effects of yesterday's ride and the thunderstorms that were supposed to be plaguing us today, decided to hold-off until the evening and the weather was warm and beautiful and the views were incredible, so we were all about just taking our time, stopping when and for however long we felt like it and enjoying our last day of riding. We only had 90 miles to do and that seemed so little compared to the day before.
The cemetery next to one of our stops.

The rest of the day was really lovely. We saw a lot of our friends throughout the day, we stopped for lunch at Goose Lake and ate a big warehouse looking ballroom and a couple of hours, the big hills calmed down and we got to ride on rollers (my favorite).

We finally made it to Bettendorf and about a mile from the end, Timmer got a flat. Out of four people, each riding 196 miles for the weekend, only getting one flat wasn't bad at all.

We grabbed our luggage, changed clothes in the car and made it back to Iowa City by 7. After showering, unpacking, and starting laundry, we were so exhausted that all we could bring ourselves to do was order a pizza and watch a half hour of Netflix before bed. It was the best kind of exhausted.


rel said...

Great cemetery shot. I like cemeteries; good thing right? 'Cause I'll be spending eternity in one somewhere. :)

Churlita said...

Ha ha. I like cemeteries too...Especially those old ones.