Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is It About This Place, Keeps You On Your Feet?

I'm posting some pics that JS took of me from the fire last night. Thank god, his flash wasn't working when he took this close-up of me...

It was warm today, but I can still feel Fall in the wings. The shadows lie differently on the ground and I find myself going more and more inward these last few weeks. I'm not fighting it. I'm ready for the slow down and a little escape from the external world.

...The lack of flash helped here too, where Bry was being his usual, inappropriate self.

All Summer long I've mostly been doing - running, hiking, kayaking, cycling, mowing, gardening and playing. It was glorious. I have so much energy when it's warm outside. I often forget to eat when I'm so busy doing other things, and then when I do remember, I really just want to grill something anyway.

JS finally got the flash working just as we were leaving. So, at least you all get to see the kick-ass Wolverine t-shirt I was wearing.

Now, I'm back in the kitchen, cooking and baking all the time. I've had to go around, dropping stuff off at my friends' houses, I've been that damned productive.

My inner life is shaping up nicely too. All the books I read, the miles I run and the music I hear take me on a different tangent. I'm reevaluating, examining and processing. This is the time of year where I can finally sit down long enough to write. Sure, it doesn't sound as interesting as all the things I've done over the Summer, but there are all kinds of adventures taking place in my own little world, and I'm excited to sort them all out and get them down on a page in the coming months.


laura b. said...

It is nice that the seasons help lead you to balance between your inner and outer lives. I watch this space to see how it should be done :-)

rel said...

Chocolate chip would be nice. Soft Molasses cookies would be better.
Pretty fall like here this week, and you're right; it is conducive to contemplation and writings.

SkylersDad said...

I always love the pictures, and yes, your Wolverine T-Shirt kicks ass!

NoRegrets said...

I love the first photo and looking forward to a peek into you.

NoRegrets said...

heh heh. unsubuts

Ananda girl said...

Its good to slow down and take stock. I love fall for that and all the changes in color and temp.

Churlita said...

lauraB., I wouldn't follow my lead. I tend to swing too far one way or the other like the pendulum do.

REl, Mmmm. Chocolate chip would be nice. I made sugar cookies last week and will be making some pumpkin bars next.

Skyler's, Thanks. I got in the boy's section at Old Navy.

Nor, A peek into me can be a little unnerving sometimes. Fair warning.

Ananda, Me too. It's good to slow down.