Wednesday, September 01, 2010

He Found All Hands Against His Own. Found All Eyes Were Looking Down

Here is a barn and a silo.

Today we had our Fall retreat at work. It used to be that we had to do awful trust exercises and role playing crap at them, but I think we collectively and loudly rolled our eyes at that enough, that they actually try to do something useful at them now. Thank god.

We had someone from Disability Services come talk to us. They showed the video I'm Tyler first and then we talked about all the different kinds of disabilities there are and the best ways to help people. I thought it was really helpful and interesting. Because when you think about it, almost everyone has some kind of disability.

I had just talked to Stinky about it this week. She was whining about having to do drive-up (which apparently, everyone at the store hates to do) for a woman who didn't get that many things and how she would have understood it if the woman was disabled, but she thought she was just being lazy. I reminded her that a lot of people can look healthy, but I know some people in the beginning stages of MS, in particular, who don't have the strength or muscle control to lift much. Stinky said she didn't think of that. I told her to try to be as compassionate as possible, because you never know what's going on with anyone at any given time. Now, I just have to remember that too...


rel said...

I think that , as our population ages, we'll see more and more disability. Good on you for mentioning alternative possibilities for Stinky to ponder.

Tara said...

As I learn more and more about disorders that effect the muscles, as well as every other organ, it is easier to feel empathy for people who do need compassion.

But then there are people who really are lazy, park in handicapped spots and then skip happily right through the mall entrance. Those are the ones that are a challenge to feel compassionate about.

SkylersDad said...

I am glad that your work place showed that, and that they take disabilities seriously. I am lucky that my son is quite obviously disabled, so I don't get "those stares", just the other kind.

laura b. said...

That sounds like an interesting way to use a staff education day. And you make a good a point about hidden (or non-obvious) disabilities that people who deal with the public should be aware of.

Johnny Yen said...

Good advice. It's hard to keep that in mind at times. At the restaurant I work at, we have to accomodate all kinds of physical disabilities. Last night, one of my favorite regulars came in; she's got some kind of degenerative disorder, and is now struggling to move even on a walker. Her ability to get out is important for her emotional and mental well-being. And whatever difficulties it causes me is nothing compared to what it causes her 24 hours every day.

Brando said...

While I have no problems with doing things to improve teamwork, any time I've had to do "team building" exercises, the team has done nothing but make fun of them. Ironically, improving our teamwork in the process.

booda baby said...

What a great conversation to have!! Even if this particular woman is working it, there are those who ... well, maybe they don't have a 'real' disability, but are taking loads of meds. Are getting chemo. Or other things that don't always show up but take all the energy out of a person.

Churlita said...

Rel,I think you're right. Our speaker basically said we were all temporarily able bodied right now. If we live long enough, we'll all need extra help with things.

Tara, Oh, I know. But then I think those people who do that must have their own issues, or why would they be so damaged?

Skyler's, Have you seen that movie? I thought it was done really well. If you haven't seen it, Google I'm Tyler and you can access it through his website.

LauraB., Yeah. There are so many hidden disabilities. Sometimes it's a wonder how any of us function.

Johnny, We should all be able to be as mobile as we can. I'm perfectly willing to help anyone out if i can make their life easier. Just like I'll want someone to do for me if I need it.

Brando, Ha ha. That's a great way to look at it.

Booda Baby, Exactly. There are so many things that can make tough for people.