Monday, September 06, 2010

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

My friend Bry being inappropriate...Again...Or still.

And now for the rest of the story...I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday to take Stinky to her second job where she sells things at football games. I was tired, so I went back to sleep. I was still exhausted when I woke up again. I think I was fighting off the cold that Stinky has. I got up and tried to get things done, but all I really wanted to do was sleep. I thought I'd feel better if I went running, but to no avail. I got home and had to take a nap. Stinky woke me up when she called to tell me the game was over and she needed a ride home from work. I did start feeling better then.

I decided I wouldn't contact anyone, and if no one contacted me, I'd just stay home and relax. At around 6 I got a Facebook message from JS. He told me some of our friends were going down to the Dublin and wanted to know if I'd meet them. I decided, what the hell and told him I'd be there around nine. At 7 E. texted me to see if I was going out. I told her my plan and offered to give her ride. At 8'ish G called me and said she was going out too, so I picked up her and D. as well. On the way to the bar, we all said that we had been hesitant about going out, but were glad we all got out of the house.

We really need someone around to do this to Bry all the time.

We had a fun night. We hadn't all been together for over a month, so it was nice to get some good girl talk in and the boys were all being pretty hilarious too. I finally got home and went to bed, still laughing to myself about the whacky hijinx.

Okay, we really need two people around to do this to Bry all the time.

I woke up on Sunday feeling pretty good. I spent the day running, cleaning, listening to music and baking. Stinky worked her store job, so I got to listen to my own music all day. Lovely.

At 6'ish I rode my bike down to the Dublin and met the cycling kids. My friend Bry came up to me and said things were a little hazy the night before, but he hoped he hadn't done or said anything inappropriate to me. It's so funny when guys do that. He must have had some recollection, or he wouldn't have said that only to me. I told him, he did AND said inappropriate things to me. We had a good laugh about it and he bent over and told me I could grab his ass to make up for it. I told him it was okay. REALLY.

Sometimes inappropriate is hilarious.

We rode out to Hills. It was another stiff headwind, but it was great to ride with so many people. When we got to the restaurant, we saw some scary looking clouds rolling in. D and G drove to meet us there and we had a nice conversation. While we ate, a storm rolled in. Luckily, the worst of it was over by the time we got back on the road. Since it was still raining, we decided not to stop and have a fire. The lightning was getting a little scary. We talked about whether we wanted to stop somewhere in Iowa City and have one last drink and all decided against it. I did stand with JS and M and talk for a bit before we all went our separate ways. I was just happy to get home and take off my wet, muddy clothes and climb into my warm, dry comfy bed.


rel said...

Ah, a warm bed after a wet muddy ride!

Tara said...

I love the scandalous poses!

This past weekend was too short. A three-day weekend, but still too short. I am off next week, though. Woo hoo!

laura b. said...

haha! Those are great pictures. I'm glad you were able to get your ride in around the worst of the rain. It just clouded up today around here.

SkylersDad said...

I have never in my life had anything close to that good of a time shooting pool!

booda baby said...

It's alllll pleasure reading about the riding, so easy to transport myself there and hang with your hangees. It's especially delicious after much napping.

Johnny Yen said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

I'm happy to have my music back as well; with my mother-in-law safely back at home and my daughter back in school as of today, I can come home from class and have a few hours of my music-- Little Steven's Underground Garage on satellite radio and Itunes on shuffle. Really missed that.

Not Fainthearted said...

Wow! that was quite the weekend! Glad you had fun and the warm dry bed sounds like a great ending.

Churlita said...

Rel, I know. It's almost worth it to get wet and muddy, just to appreciate the warm dry bed that much more.

Tara, I'm so excited for you and your vacation. I hope you two have a blast together.

LauraB.,I thought it was just supposed to be cloudy here too, but apparently, I was wrong.

Skyler's, Ha ha. I don't think many people have. I'm not sure I'd want to either.

Booda Baby, I think your nap constitutes pleasure reading too.

Johnny, There's nothing better than being home alone and getting to listen to your own music without a teenager coming over and changing it or whining about it.

Not, Thanks. I was nice. I'm just still recovering though....