Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Got Mine

Stinky trying really hard to pretend that I'm not taking her picture last Saturday.

Well, kids. I think that cold I've been running from for the last week or so, is finally catching up to me. I felt like total crap today. I made it through the day at work, but fell asleep for two hours the minute I got home. Then I made some spicy food to burn out the illness, and spent some time holding the couch down (you know, just in case it decided to float away). Now, I'm going to try to get even MORE sleep. I'm supposed to go out for sushi with some friends tomorrow night and I want to make sure I'm all better for that. Sushi is a huge priority for me...And I'm pretty excited about the company I'll be keeping as well.

I hope the rest of you all are perky and healthy and bursting with love.


laura b. said...

If only we could stave off colds with sheer willpower! Mind over matter!
Anyway, I hope you feel better and get to have your friends and fish night.

rel said...

Feel well soon!

NoRegrets said...

Glad you have a good couch!

Tera said...

I hope you feel better soon Churlita! My sister is coming down with something too, and all I say to that is she had better stay away from me...don't even call me! LOL!

Churlita said...

LauraB., Man, if only. I'd never ever get sick.

Rel, Maybe all I needed was to finally get some sleep.

Nor, I love my couch oh so much.

Tera,Ha ha. I hope you are safe from your sister's germs.