Sunday, September 05, 2010

She Could Steal But She Could Not Rob

At the Club Car...Or what used to be Mike's Tap to any of you ex-pats.

Wow, kids. I might just have to be carried out of this weekend on a stretcher. It's been great, but so, so busy. I'll just write about Friday right now and get to the rest of it later.

The marching band.

I got off at noon on Friday and had an incredible run. It was really nice. I came back home and did some tidying up and some eating before I had to head to the Quad Cities at 4. I've had the hardest time getting decent directions to the Quad Cities from Mapquest lately. I don't know if it's because of all the construction. Anyway, I got lost and had to have someone come get me and I followed them to the funeral home to get Stinky. As we were driving out of town, I got a text from my friend E. She was wondering if I wanted to go out. I had Stinky text her back that I'd call her when I got home but I was going out and she was welcome to join me.

The guy getting ready to eat the egg.

We finally made it back to IC, I got Stinky fed and then I deposited her at the football game. I picked up E. and we headed to my friend's birthday at the Club Car and it was really nice. We had a couple of beers, but we were no match for all the folks doing shots to celebrate my friend's birthday. We decided to check out the Dublin to see who was there. We didn't see anyone we knew there, so I suggested we go to Joe's Place instead. We were so glad we did.

Spitting out the egg. He really did try.

The marching band showed up and played. E. used to be in the band when she was in college, and she had some great stories about it.

After the band left, a guy stood behind me and ordered some pickled eggs. He got our attention and asked us if we were jealous about the fact that he was going to eat pickled eggs and we weren't. We flipped him some shit about how gross they were. Then he asked us to watch the eggs for him, while he took off. We thought it was odd that he would suddenly leave before he even ate them, but then we found out why.

This guy kept showing off his big belt buckle with his name on it. Dork!

The guy's friend showed up a couple of minutes later and started whining about how his friend was going to make him eat the eggs and blah, blah blah. Later he admitted that the eggs were just a ruse to get our attention and they tag teamed us. The first guy was bigger and a little more shy, but more earnest (we both liked him best) and his friend was smaller and talked more shit than even I did. They were totally harmless and fun and they flirted with us all night. They kept saying they couldn't believe how hot we were, but still so fun and cool.

At one point one of the guys said, "Hey, let's play a game where we try to figure out how much older we are than you."

E. said, "Okay. Why don't you give me your ID then? Oh. You were born in 1976? Well, we're not that much younger than you..." E. and I laughed about that all night and never told them our real ages. They even got me to try to play pool. I really don't know how, but they were really patient and actually came close to hitting the ball in the pocket.

Finally, I told E. I had to go home. We said good-bye and they asked us a million times if we wanted to go to their place and hang out. We politely declined. They told us they would be tailgating the next day and then hanging out at Sam's pizza after the game and asked us to meet them there.

We decided that while they were pretty amusing for one night, they'd probably start being annoying if we hung out with them for much longer. So, we let it go. It was a great night and we had a wonderful time and laughed about how ridiculous it was the whole way home.


laura b. said...

I like how you know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. Churlita Rogers!

rel said...

Back in the day, I used to love pickled eegs and those sausages too! Of course I had to have had more than 2 beer.

Churlita said...

LauraB., Ha ha...And boys are probably the biggest gamble I can think of.

Rel, Yeah. That is definitely drunk people food...And maybe young drunk people food too. I doubt my belly could handle it anymore.