Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday's On the Phone to Me

Well, it looks like Coadster is settling into college life pretty well...I think.

Today was a busy day, so this will be short. I rode my bike home from work, drove to the woman's house and mowed her yard, drove home, ran 6 miles, went to the store, made dinner and watched a cheesy TV show with Stinky. I am pooped.

On Sunday when I was cleaning, I was listening to the Black Keys (who I love), but one of their songs sounded a lot like the Beatles to me and I realized I haven't listened to any Beatles lately. They can get overplayed, but they are total nostalgia music for me. They remind me of so many different phases of my life. So, I switched from the Black Keys and listened to Abbey Road and Revolver - my two favorite Beatles albums. It was perfect Sunday afternoon cleaning the house music, just like when I was a kid. How about you all? Are you Beatles lovers or haters and what is your favorite Beatles album?


AlienCG said...

I love the Beatles, but I'm an Elvis man even more. I like The Beatles album (The White Album).

Tara said...

I definitely appreciate some of their songs. I love "Life Goes On", "Michelle", "Eleanor Rigby", "Yellow Submarine"...just to name a few.

rel said...

Love the Beattles!
Rubber Soul was my first and still favorite Beattles' album.
Favorite song? "Michelle".
Our first born was amed after this song.

laura b. said...

Coadster does look pretty comfortable there :-)

I love the Black Keys and the Beatles! I know it is unfair, but I kind of distrust people who day they don't like the Beatles. I guess my favs would be White Album and Abbey Road, if pressed :-)

Churlita said...

Alien, I'm a fan of the White Album too. I was just saying to Stinky that I needed to get a copy of that.

Tara, Those are some of my favorites as well.

Rel, Oh, Rubber Soul. That's right up there too.Ah, that's so sweet of your daughter.

LauraB., I can see not liking some of their songs, but they went through so many phases and experiments, I can't imagine hating everything they did.