Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scanning Life Through the Picture Windows

Here some guy joined is in owning up to being one of Iowa's largest brats. I still think I'm the brattiest.

Oh, weekend. How you do tire me so. I had another great weekend. I knew it was going to kick my ass a little, so I made sure to rest on Friday night. Stinky went to the in town rivalry game and I stayed home and watched a cheesy movie and then read my book for the rest of the night. I'm still checking book boxes for Confederacy of Dunces, but until I find it, I started reading a book that isn't quite such a piece of literature. It's called Shanghai Girls and it is pretty good escapism. It's a decent placeholder until I find the other book.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't have one drop of alcohol this weekend. I was on migraine alert. Too bad for everyone else, I don't need to drink to act like an ass...

Saturday started nice and early. I got up to take Stinky to her job. Then I headed over to the DMV to get my new license. It only took me an hour or so, which is pretty good for a Saturday morning.

The Magic Bus tailgate party.

A little before noon, I picked up some friends and headed over to tailgate. We spent most of our time at the Magic Bus. They were sponsored by Kraft and gave out free mac and cheese and they had a fun band called the Uniphonics playing on top of the bus. It was great spectacle.

Some tailgate carnage.

Once the game started, we headed to the main drag to check out a couple more sites. The one we wanted to go to, was pretty much a bust. We think our friend who runs it must have had tickets to the game, so when we got there, it was just a bunch of REALLY drunk college kids. Although that is where we met Captain Iowa State pictured below. It takes some cajones to walk around football fans wearing a cape all day.

Me cheesing it up with Captain Iowa State. He was a great sport.

We said hi to Stinky at the kiosk where she works during football games and stopped by a friend of ours who lives by the stadium. They had a nice tent set up in the backyard with some lounge chairs and a radio with the game on. Since we blew State out of the water, we didn't pay much attention to the game and relaxed and gave each other a hard time.

Instead of doing the outdoor movie night, myself and a couple of other girls decided to head to Kalona and eat at the Tuscan Moon. It was a perfect idea. We sat outside and talked and laughed and ate really good food. I had salmon with a creamy dill and lemon sauce over fettucini and it was heavenly. After dinner, I drove everyone back to Iowa City. E. and I both decided to go home, but I dropped H. and G. off at the Dublin where it sounds like they had a great evening.

E. and G. and I at the Tuscan Moon.

Today I did the Beat Cancer run at 3. It was the first year for it and there were definitely some issues with the planning, but it was a nice warm day for it...Which was kind of my problem. I was stupid and didn't drink enough water before the race. I was thinking I could drink some at the park when I got to the race, but I couldn't find a working drinking fountain and there were no bottles of water set up either. At about a half mile left, a guy handed me a bottle of water and that made a huge difference. My friend E. and I talked about it a couple of hours after the race and she said next time we run a race together, we'll both make sure we bring a cooler with drinks in it. Duh. Lesson learned, I guess.


laura b. said...

What a weekend! I like that Magic Bus...and I would be into wearing a cape :-)
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Whew...I'm exhausted!

Pamela said...

how can you go to a tailgate party and not drink?? of course, I understand the migraine thing...

MrManuel said...

I've actually never done a tailgate either. It sounds like a fun time. But no alchohol?!?! :-)

booda baby said...

Oh, how fun!! It's such a great place to wander in and mess with men in capes. Boys in capes.

I am not sure I could have left the Magic Bus. While it's not exactly my favorite, mac and cheese is soooo right up there. Gosh, I love free samples. There would be no hunger problem if everyone, all over the world, wandered to all the places that give taste treats.

I don't know. I'm not sure that's a real solution.

Churlita said...

LauraB., Ha ha. I think you'd love the Magic Bus. There's usually great music and fun spectacle.

Pamela, You get migraines, so you know the answer to that one. Maybe I should have. I ended up getting it on Sunday and today. Thank god for migraine meds. Damn.

MrManuel, You'd love tailgating...And you don't get migraines, so I'm sure you'd do it up right and drink.

Booda Baby, We stayed until the music ended and things were winding down. We were ready to lounge in our friend's backyard with way less people at the end of it all.