Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When People Run in Cirlces, It's a Very, Very Mad World

On my way to my car Saturday night, I saw this Paul Revere's Pizza delivery van parked, with bad music blaring out of it and all these guys dancing. So, if your pizza was a little late and cold, now you know why...

Oh, kids. I had it all planned out. I was going to go for a nice long run in these balmy temperatures, then go to Menard's for a quick little minute to get a paint brush and a filter for my furnace. It had occurred to me to check that this weekend, after figuring the previous owner probably hadn't replaced it since she bought the furnace two years ago. Holy crap! It was a good thing I did. It was a nice charcoal gray color. Then I thought I'd come home, do some cleaning, do some touch-up painting and then give myself at least an hour or so to read.

The reality of tonight? The good news, is that I did get my run in and it felt amazing. I ran so fast and I felt like I could have gone on for hours. Then the minute I got back, Coadster informed me that her dad's van was stuck in mud at his house. I assumed she was going to ask me for a ride over there, but she said her dad asked if she could just stay at my house instead. Of course she could. I'll always take extra time with my girls. So, I changed my plans. Coadster and I went to the big scary maul. There was hardly anyone there, and it was much better than going on the weekend, and we got a few things we needed and then headed over to Lowe's for our house stuff. I wanted to check out the glass tile they had there, but they don't really keep it at the store. The guy showed me the stuff he had in a catalog, but I had seen it on-line and it didn't help me figure out what it would look like in real life.

Anyway, we got home by around 9 and I didn't get any work done, and I probably won't have time to read, but that's okay. In a few short years, both of my girls will be gone and I'll have all the time in the world for that stuff.


rel said...

Big scary maul kinda sums it up doesn't it.
Bonus time is always a good thing when it comes to our kids!

SkylersDad said...

So that's where those damn people were with my pizza!

laura b. said...

The best laid plans. My date night might turn into a pre-race day spaghetti dinner for Kick Back Dude and Handsome Lad.

Ananda girl said...

Yes that time left is precious. All my boys showed up last night... and it was wonderful to have a full noisy house again.

I love the look of glass tiles. How weird that they don't have at least samples.

Tara said...

If you ever visited balmy Ohio, we would be able to walk right across the street to Lowe's. They seriously put one up in one section of a huge, vacant lot. It's glorious.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I will never order pizza from there there is always time when the kids are gone to get things done.. big plus if they stick around..

Churlita said...

REl, Exactly. I will totally go to a maul, if it means I get to spend extra time with my girls.

Skyler's, Ha ha. Who knows what happens to our pizzas on the way to our houses...

LauraB., Yeah. That is how it goes, isn't it? At least you'll get to spend time with your guy.

Ananda, They did have a few samples there. Just not the ones that I wanted, of course.

Tara, If I ever get there, I will definitely take you up on a Lowe's trip.

MrS, Exactly. My girls always come first...If that means things don't get done, they'll still be waiting for me tomorrow to do.