Monday, March 22, 2010

Every Game Ain't the Same, Cuz the Game Still Remains

Here are some tomato and basil plants incubating in my room.

Hey, so here's a good thing...I gave plasma tonight and didn't get a hematoma or pass-out or anything. I even felt good enough to run my 4 mile route afterward. I tried a little experiment this time. Since the times I had hematomas before were when they took from my left arm, I asked if they could use my right to see if that helped. I'm not sure why, but it seemed to work...At least this time. I do feel a little weak and drained (quite literally) now, but nothing like the other times. Maybe I'll get used to this yet.

I know I talk about balancing all of my many obsessions on here a lot. So, I thought I'd go through my main ones and see how I'm doing at feeding them all.

1.) My girls. I'd say this is my main obsession and the one that takes most of my time, energy and money. My girls can be mirror images of each other. Whatever the one lacks the other has in excess. I've often said if I could fuse them together, both my life and theirs would be so much better. Coadster is getting everything ready for college and even though she has finished on the last day things were due a couple of times, she seems to be getting it all done correctly. She's also calmed down a little about being in every single school activity possible and isn't quite as bad about singlehandedly trying to save the world (although she did recently lecture Stinky and I about washing out and reusing sandwich bags (whatever)). Stinky is doing her damnedest to get her shit together a little better at school. I instituted a no tolerance policy about turning in late homework assignments this tri. She knows she'll be grounded for a week with each late assignment. She just checked in with me to show me that her homework was all completed.

2.) Running. Unless the weather is THAT horrible, I don't normally have a problem getting this one fed. Now that it's warmer, I'm even more consistent. Last week I ran outside for 5 days and got about 30 miles in for the first time this year. I also rode my bike to work and back every day but one. I'm going to have to start riding one long route on a weekend day, if I want to get in shape for that duathlon in May.

3.) Reading. I've been averaging about a novel a week. In Cold Blood took me two weeks. Just because I had a lot of other things going on. I just started Colm Toibin's Brooklyn today, and so far I love it. I wanted to have it finished by the time he comes here to read in April, but I could easily have it read within the week.

4.) Writing. Any real writing has fallen by the wayside as of late. It's one of those things I seem to need more of a set-up and time and ambiance and shit that I haven't been able to gather together lately. I guess I'll put it on the list of 5 million other things I need to work on.

5.) My house. I've for sure slowed down a little on my house...Or maybe changed gears a little, is more accurate. Now that it's warm out, I've been sharing the food between my inside and my outside and neither one is really getting all that very full. I might take next weekend and only work in the kitchen and then the weekend after, I'll only work outside to see if I can keep a little better focus.

So, how about all you all? What are your addictions and are they well-fed?


Brando said...

The writing thankfully is picking up steam, and I'm hoping I can finish the draft of my novel by the end of April. The best thing is I've reached a point where I know I'll finish, and that's a great feeling for me. However, I also understand why writing has to get knocked down the list.

Bad obsession lately has been Assassin's Creed II, the rare video game that's taking a long time to finish. It's like Grand Theft Auto meets The DaVinci Code, and while that makes for terrible literature, it makes for some awesome gaming.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have one addiction and that is gardening.. it is still a bit ealry to do anything and with the rain, I can't get that addiction fed at this time.. I figure a few more weeks and then I will be feeding it and planting some new stuff..

NoRegrets said...

I cannnnnot believe you gave plasma and then went running!!! Wow.
I'll write a post about obessions - it's good to steal ideas. Thanks!

SkylersDad said...

What are the distances in the Duo you will be doing?

Tara said...

I think if I had a great house like yours, I would be obsessed with it too!

Um...obsessions and addictions. I'm addicted to the internet - Facebook and Blogging... Then cat stuff, and then movies...and movie quotes.

booda baby said...

That was a good idea, trying the right arm. Any idea at all why that worked? That's one of my obsessions. Figuring stuff out, even if I have to make it up. Since sooooo much got figured out way before we ever got here, I like very much playing around with 'how they thought of that thing.'

Otherwise, I don't think I have an obsession. I think I just have my life. But that's kind of one, isn't it?

laura b. said...

Your addictions are all very productive and rewarding...those are the kind of additions/obsessions to cultivate!

Mine are - my family, books, tv/movies, and gratitude.

MrManuel said...

My addictions:






Those take most of my time.