Sunday, March 07, 2010

Another Working Day Has Ended

Here are me and some of my girly friends. Check out the stalker guy in the background.

Booda Baby asked me once to warn her when reading my post would make her tired. So, here's your warning.

On Friday, I sprinted home after work to tidy up before my co-worker and her husband came by to look at my counters. She had told her husband that I was kind of a hot tamale and she didn't trust him alone with me. She said that made him really interested to come over as soon as possible to help me out. Whatever works, right? I laughed with her about how stupid guys were and she agreed. She said it made it so much easier to manipulate them. Anyway, he's going to check his schedule and probably get my counters put in sometime this week. He's also going to rewire something in my kitchen so that I can trade spaces for my fridge and stove. Right now, my fridge is in this tiny little cubby and it doesn't really fit and makes it so I can barely open one of my very few cupboards. So, that will be another wonderful thing.

This was as close as I could get to the goods.

I did end up going out on Friday night too. I went to the burlesque show and it was okay. It was so poorly planned and that kind of put a little damper on the whole thing. It sold-out by 9:30, so half of my friends couldn't get in. Then they had a bad surf guitar band play what seemed like the same song over and over for at least two hours. I thought I'd get to see the girlies at like 10 and be home by 11:30. The girlies didn't even get started until 11:40 and by that time, I was so tired, I only watched a couple of minutes of it before I had to go home. Plus, it was so packed, I could barely see what was going on. Oh well. It was a fun idea, and I'm always up for seeing good spectacle.

My girls with my their youngest cousin.

I hit the ground running on Saturday. I got the girls to play practice and track practice and I went home to clean. I've been trying to be better about taking my recycling and Goodwill and bottles and cans every week to their respective places, so after Stinky got done with track she went with me to run a veritable shitload of errands. When I got back, I helped Coadster with some more of her college paperwork. She fought with me a little more about how she thought I should just do all of it for her and I told her I was here to help her and she wasn't particularly happy with my response. Thank god I'm not a people pleaser.

After that, I went for a nice long run and it was wonderful. I came home and cleaned gutters that hadn't been cleaned for years and let me just tell you how good that DIDN'T smell. Yeesh! Then I chipped at ice on the shady parts of my driveway and sidewalk. Then I fell down and went into a coma....Just kidding.

I really thought about staying home, because I was exhausted. But G. made a good case for me going out and I went. As usual, I was glad I did. I'm happiest when I go out, if I can just sit with one or two friends and shoot the shit, and that's how it worked out on Saturday. G. and D. were out, as well as this married couple. The husband was buying us all drinks and the wife was cracking us up with stories of her lonely childhood. She said she used to play school by herself, because her siblings were too old and wouldn't play with her. So, she had to be the teacher and the student and she would fill out worksheets and purposely write down exactly two wrong answers, so she could use her red pen to correct them. We laughed so hard at her sad childhood that we were crying. Mostly because we were all such weird kids in our own ways and we could relate.

Coadster singing her solo.

Today was another crazy day. I did a little work in my kitchen and then cleaned before my family came over. They hadn't been to my place since the first weekend I moved in, so they saw the before and finally got to survey the after'ish. Then we met my friends G., D., and K. for Coadster's last show choir extravaganza. She was amazing, as usual and there were jazz hands aplenty.

So, now I'm going to try very hard to plan a mellow, stay at home kind of week and work on projects and read as much as possible and hope upon hope that my counters get installed. Wish me luck.


rel said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!
Hope your counter tops get installed this week too.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Whoosh.. That was some weekend.. we had a quiet weekend which was ok sorta..At least the weather has been great.. Don't forget to post pics of the counters once installed..

SkylersDad said...

I had a good laugh at the photo bomber dude in the background. I have an old buddy that I used to hang around with a lot, and we would look for opportunities to do this.

Pamela said...

crap. tired again/more reading this. but happy for you.

Tara said...

I hope the counters get installed and look amazing!

This weekend was fun - my mom and I went shopping and to lunch. We went to LoneStar Steakhouse and had the best steaks.

Mnmom said...

You have your very own photobomber!!!

New counters sound wonderful you hot tamale, you!!

booda baby said...

hahahahaha! Thank you SO much (really! I think they need to do a study on mirror neurons that are activated through reading.) I am SO happy to not have any idea of all the crazy ass shit you managed to squeeze into two little days. AM happy, however, to know you came out of it all good.

I like this new plan. Perhaps we could have a ... what are those called? Not shortcuts. Um. SIGNALS.

Ananda girl said...

What a great weekend for you... but I can see why you'd like some peace now. Ha.

Again I am struck by how beautiful your daughters are.

AlienCG said...

It's a good thing you went to work today for a break from your busy weekend. Cleaning gutters isn't my favorite job either and having nasty fermenting leaves doesn't sound pleasant.

Johnny Yen said...

Hope you get your counters in-- we went through renovation hell a couple of years ago, and it couldn't end soon enough.

MrManuel said...

Man, what a busy weekend! Then again, your weekends always seem to be busy from my point of view.

Did someone say Burlesque show?!?!

Churlita said...

Rel, Me too...on both counts.

Mrs., I really want one of those quiet weekends. I hope next weekend is like that for me.

Skyler's, I know. I love it when people do that. A friend of mine and his brother used to have contests to see how many bar photos they could insert themselves into.

Pamela, I'm tired too. I need to start taking naps.

Tara, That sounds wonderful. I've been craving steaks.

MnMom, I wish I were a hot tamale. But that story is funnier because I'm not.

Booda Baby, We can start using baseball umpire signals.

Ananda, Thank you. I'm not quite sure where they get their looks. Their dad's and my features must mesh better than we actually look by ourselves. ha ha.

Johnny, Me too. I'd love to have my kitchen put back together for once.

Mr, Yes, they did. I bet you would've liked it, if you could've been close enough to see it, that is.

laura b. said...

I'm glad to hear someone had some fun this weekend. I was so lazy on Sunday, it was shameful.
I love burlesque...too bad that show was so disorganized.

Brando said...

Perhaps using jazz hands would make cleaning gutters more fun?

Huzzah to the Coadster.