Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sooner or Later, Your Legs Give Way, You Hit the Ground

G. giving two big thumbs up for her birthday this weekend.

So, yeah. The president paid us a visit today...Well, he came to town to speak. I didn't get to see him, but those who did really dug what he had to say. It's funny that Coadster went to see him speak on the Ped Mall on Earth Day a few short years ago in front of some of our citizens without a lot of hoopla. This time he was in a limo with Secret Service Agents swarming every orifice of our fair city. During lunch a helicopter hovered over my office building. We were all trying to figure out who was up there. We guessed Obama, secret service, the press and finally my boss said, "It's Joe f'ing Biden!" Hilarious.

Anyway, that's over now and we're moving into the weekend. I wish I had another day off tomorrow. What I really wish, is that I could take a week off of work and do some serious Spring cleaning and house fixer uppering. I won't start using my vacation until my girls are out of school for the Summer, though. With only two days, I have those older windows in my house where you have to change out the storm windows for screens, so I thought I might change those out and wash all the windows while I'm at it. Pray for me.

So, tomorrow night, I might just stay in. Coadster wants to start washing her bedroom walls so we can prepare to paint on Saturday and Sunday. Once her room is painted, I can finally rip out that nasty, old stained carpet and clean up the hardwood floors underneath. Stinky has a 16th birthday party to go to and some of her friends will come over and watch a movie when that's over.

Saturday is G.'s however many 29th birthday. She told me she wanted all of her friends to start on Friday night. She wants everyone to go bar hopping wearing Nirvana t-shirts (her sister is a certain dead lead singer's widow's personal assistant (got that?) and she gets all kinds of swag because of it). I don't think I'll make that. I told her I'd go out for a bit for her actual birthday on Saturday. It's also the 3rd annual 80's punk rock reunion show at The Mill. I may do a drive-by to that for a minute, because a lot of my old friends will be in from out of town. It should be interesting to see how much I can cram into a few short hours on Saturday night.

Mostly what I want to do this weekend is run and bike my ass off, get my windows cleaned and switched-out with screens, do some yard work, keep trudging along on my kitchen and finish my book. You know how rabid I get about a good book and I'm really digging Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. If you're looking for an entertaining, quick, escapist read, I highly recommend it.

Now, it's your turn. Will you be Spring cleaning this weekend or celebrating someone's however many 29th birthday?


NoRegrets said...

First comment. Woo hoo! Will read post later. :-)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

No regrets beat me to it yet

Happy Birthday to "G"! awesome to be able to turn 29 again and again.. spring cleaning was done here last week.. but as soon as this cold snap leaves I can do and paying bills this weekend and maybe a hike for later Sunday.. it is suppose to rain.. so we shall see.. have a great time with your friends and rocking out to 80's tunes!

Brando said...

Two house showing for us, which is exciting, plus TLB and I are heading out for a date night for the first time in forever. So quite an exciting weekend by UP standards!

Really awesome that Obama was in the IC. I would have gotten a kick out of that.

laura b. said...

It is cool that Coadster got to see Obama before he was all that.

I hope you have a great weekend, no matter what you are able to cram into it :-)

Shockingly, I have no big plans.

rel said...

It's bright and sunny here today but still a little too cool to start spring work.
So I'll be catching up on 3 weeks laundry. (yes I do my own laundry, and ironing too. It's a military thing;0).
Going to finsh my book, started on the cruise: "Empire of Blue Water."

How cool to have the President of the USA in your hometown!
See ya Monday.

Tara said...

It would've been nice to meet the President, but there was too much going on for us that day.