Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothin' Matters but the Weekend, From a Tuesday Point of View

Stinky texted me this pic at work, to prove to me she was home at the time she was supposed to be there. Ah, technology.

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when there are two of them and one of me and we all have things we need to do all around the same time. This is what that looked like today: I got off work and basically every single one of my co-workers harassed me as I tried to unlock my bike at the rack. Thanks, guys. Then I rode home, and got ready and ran my 6 mile route as quickly as possible. I changed and washed up'ish and ran Stinky to the store because she apparently HAD to eat frozen waffles for dinner. I dropped her off back at home, while picking Coadster up at the same time and dropping her off at her babysitting gig. Then I came back and picked up Stinky and took her to my friend Bob and Allison's house where she was to babysit. They gave me the grand tour of their newly gutted and rebuilt 83 year old house and it was amazing. The difference was incredible. Their house is about 1100 square feet and mine is 1200 (both counting our upstairs dormer rooms) but theirs has this new open layout and looks about twice the size of mine. We talked about the proposed school redistricting and Allison asked me to sign the same petition I just signed the night before. Believe me, I'd sign it as many times as I could get away with.

I finally got home around 7:30 and answered an email and got on Facebook and wrote on my friend's wall asking her to tell her husband that The Kings sing the song "Switchin' to Glide". We were trying to remember that last night at the housewarming party and it finally came to me when I was running. Around 8, I decided I needed to just stop and try to read my book for a second and calm down. That lasted about 15 minutes until I fell asleep and took a cat nap for another 15 minutes. Whew! Now, I'm really glad I took the night before off just to have a good time with my friends.

Thank god tomorrow is my last day of the work week before I take a 3 day weekend. It would be great if I could just sleep those 3 whole days, but I have a feeling that won't happen.


Tara said...

Isn't this weather great? I think I'm going to take a walk during lunch today. It's just so nice to see the grass again.

Babysitting gigs bring back memories. I've had a few of those gigs in the past. Thankfully they were usually within walking distance, either next door or across the street.

booda baby said...

Open layouts ought to be somewhere on that list of mankind's great inventions. I'm sure they'd have been too hard to heat once upon a time, but some of us have new heaters, don't some of us?

Pamela said...

Something tells me you give as much shit to your coworkers as you get.

laura b. said...

Oh, the frozen waffle crisis. I know that one :-)
What a good mom, friend, and co-worker you are. You fully deserve that three day weekend. Enjoy!

Churlita said...

Tara, It was and it will be again, but our run of great weather this week is just about over. Sigh.

Booda Baby, Yes, some of us do. Ha ha. I kind of like the look of my cottage and it's not so open layout, but my friends' house looks pretty amazing. They're the ones who stayed at Greg and Iris' house while it was being worked on.

Pamela, You are one smart cookie. It is very reciprocal...And good clean fun.

LauraB., Have you had the frozen waffle crisis at your house too? I suppose it doesn't have to be a frozen waffle...Just whatever it is my kids are obsessing over at the time.