Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Watch It As It Loses Form

I'm out of recent pics and I'm trying to get excited about Spring. Here are some flowers that I'm going to plant in my backyard garden as soon as I can.

Remember how last week I said it was all about calming down and getting some alone time and living in my own little world? Well, actually that's pretty much my goal every week. But in addition to that, I'm trying really hard to get shit done this week. So, that means today I finally got my garage door fixed. ($144 later...) and can actually park my car in there again. How novel.

I also finally had my annual doctor's appointment about 6 months late. Oops. My doctor is pretty awesome. We're about the same age and temperament. So, when I told her I had this place on my lip that keeps chapping in the same spot over and over, she said she needed to set me up with an appointment in the dermatology clinic. "Yeah. That was what I was afraid of. They hate me there because they think I'm too tan for how light my eyes are and they give me brochures telling me that I should only go outside on sunny days wearing all black longsleeves and pants and carrying an umbrella. If I did that, I'd die of heat stroke while I was running long before I could ever think of getting skin cancer from wearing shorts and sports bras when I run in the Summer in Iowa...." And she said, she knew. They were like that with her too.

"We'll just make sure we schedule your appointment before it gets warm out, so you won't be so tan yet." How great is that?

I called the guy who said he'd put my counters in for me, and left a message. He hasn't called me back yet. I'll try again at the end of the week, but if it doesn't work for him to do it, I have a couple of other options. You know me, I'm a girl who always has a back-up plan...


rel said...

Measure twice, cut once. :)
Glad you're getting that spot checked!!!!!

Tara said...

What kind of toothpaste do you use? My lips were chapping in the same spot too - around the corners. It started when I was trying the toothpaste for sensitive gums and the stuff had an additional additive. I stopped using that toothpaste and switched back to the Colgate. No more chapped lips.

I hate going to a dermatologist. I know that whatever they give me for a remedy will not be covered by insurance.

Pamela said...

Do you back up your car into your garage?

Johnny Yen said...

Unfortunately contractors fall under two categories (and I know this from having worked for them): incredibly disorganized and unable to return phone calls and get work done and the other is completely organized and competent and consequently have jobs lined up for months. Either way, it makes it difficult to get a good contractor.

laura b. said...

Congrats on being able to park your car in the garage :-)

Your doctor sounds really nice. I sometimes think about shopping around for a new one, as mine is not too personable and sometimes we seem to have a language issue.

Hope your counter guy gets back to you soon!

Ananda girl said...

Great about getting the garage back in working order. I imagine it will be nice to get into a warmer car and not have to scrape ice!

You are more patient than I am with workmen. I bug them. But then I was married to mine. ;-)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

spring is right around the corner.. I love those flowers.. I need to get some stuff done in the garden this year.. I'm excited too!

Does chapstick not help? There are so many varieties nowadays.. well hopefully you wown't be too tan for your appt..

What kind of counters are you putting in? Let us know when it is done and post pics..

Churlita said...

REl, Yeah. I wear tons of sunscreen, but it's hard to protect your lips.

Tara, I don't think it's a toothpaste issue. It's in a spot on the middle of my lip.

Pamela. No way. I don't trust myself to do that. My garage is really small and my aim isn't always true.

Johnny, That's exactly the problem I'm having. I Of course, I'm trying to get friends to do it for me at a discounted price and that just makes things worse.

LauraB., Ha ha. I've been thinking of that same joke in my head. I'm glad you said it outloud.

Ananda, I wish I did have a husband how was handy, I wouldn't have this problem. Sigh.

Mrs, It's not like my lips are overall chapped. It's just one spot that seems to be rising up skin and I scratch it off and it comes back. Weird.