Tuesday, December 01, 2009

With a Friendship That No One Else Could Touch

Here is another cute puppy pic from Thanksgiving.

Soooo. Last week the girls and I went to Menards, mostly to look at stuff we wanted but couldn't afford and then to buy a couple things we actually could spend some money on. When we went over to the paint section, I ran into one of my favorite couples - the Halls.

B. has been one of my best guy friends throughout most of my adult life. We both worked the restaurant circuit in town and were co-workers at a couple of different places. He's known my daughters since they were born and he and I used to hang out a lot and go to movies, see live music and wander around Sharpless auction on Wednesdays together and look at cool junk.

I met B.'s wife A. when they started dating. She was super cool and down to earth and most importantly, she really loved B. We soon became just as close as B. and I have always been. I've known A.'s son since he was 2 and their daughter since she was born.

Of course, as things go, we've been out of touch lately. A. used to manage a restaurant called 126 and I'd go down there on nights when the girls were at their dad's and hang out with A. and the other employees and drink wine. She quit a while back.

So, when I saw them at Menard's last week, the first thing A. said was, "Oh my god! Congratulations. When B. told me you bought a house, I almost cried, because I consider you one of my best friends and I haven't even spoken to you in 6 months and had no idea you were even looking..." I felt badly about it too. We vowed to be better about staying in contact. The sad thing is that she lives probably about 6 blocks down Court Street from me. How does that happen?


Tara said...

I like running into friends at the store. It's always a nice surprise.

Brando said...

Aren't those encounters just awesome? They can make your month.

booda baby said...

I think scientists should get right on that and skip a lot of their other studies, because who among us doesn't want that explained?

Ananda girl said...

Its funny, C4C and I have been friends 40 years... but we go through periods where we don't speak for a time. Life gets busy.
Then we do and its as if we had no gap at all. I think maybe it shows how comfortable you are with each other.

laura b. said...

It is amazing how that happens, isn't it? Everyone is just so busy that it is hard to stay in touch, but our intentions are good!

SkylersDad said...

I got here from Johnny Yen, hello!

I walked right past a friend that I have worked out with for years the other day. I have never seen her without her hair pulled back into a pony tail, and didn't recognize her at all!

She kept calling me and I was swiveling my head around like a damn owl.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

It's pretty cool when you can pick up after a long interval and keep the friendship going as before. I hope you all find the time to keep in contact.

Churlita said...

Tara, Me too. I live in a pretty small town, so it happens most of the time.

Brando, Especially with these guys. It also made me realize that I need to step outside my little routine and make an effort to contact some of my friends.

Booda Baby, The weird thing is, I see some of my friends who live in other states more than I do people who live a few blocks away. Weird. Oh yeah. These particular friends are getting their house worked on and staying with Greg and Iris while that's going on. Small world, huh?

Ananda, That's how it was with this couple. We had so much to talk about, it was crazy.

Laura, Exactly. We both felt bad, but it's usually my fault because I suck about staying in contact with people sometimes.

Skylar's Dad,

I've done that before too. usually, it's when someone is out of context. It's hard for me to place them.

Gnat...or is it Trumpet?,

We will. I've been friends with them forever. They both mean so much to me.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have never been to Menard's but the song in the commercials always makes me laugh. I like hearing about all your friends - even if you don't see them for awhile it's cool that you have so many. I don't know enough people here to bump into them in stores.

Not Fainthearted said...

I'm not sure how that happens, but I rely on the phenomenon in order to stay in the same metropolitan area as my family. ;-)

Heading over to Menards in a bit myself. Wonder who I'll bump in to!