Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Really Don't Mind What Happens Now and Then

Stinky dumping snow on Coadster's head a few Winters ago. I can't believe it's December already.

Have you ever had one of those nights where nothing went at all like you planned, but after you thought about it, you realized it all happened as it should have? That was tonight for me.

Stinky and my friend K. and I were all going to swim laps after work. I hadn't been going to Wednesday Supper Club much in the last couple of months, and it was kind of on hiatus anyway, since one of the couples involved had a baby a few weeks ago. Well, out of the blue today I got an email saying that they were having it at the Hilltop. My friend K. decided to swim earlier than we had planned, so she could go to Supper Club and see the new baby.

Stinky and I went to swim laps, but ran into K. just as she was leaving. We chatted with her and a bunch of people I knew came in the door to take their kids to swimming lessons. When we finally made it to the desk, we were informed that the whole pool was closed for kid lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, now we know. I've been getting a cold the last couple of days, so I took it as a sign to rest and get better. Stinky and I are still going to plan to swim tomorrow if I feel okay.

I had to drop Coadster off to get her show choir dress altered. While that was going on, Stinky and I stopped at the Hilltop to to order some cheap, greasy food to go and for me to keep a safe distance (because of my cold) but to at least see the new baby from afar. He was very cute, by the way. While I was ordering my food, the recently retired head of public defenders for our county came over to talk to me. It just so happened, I had a little legal question for him and he was able to give me all the information I needed. Perfect.

So, I wasn't able to do the few things I thought I was going to do, but I did exactly what I needed. Sometimes life can be weird that way if you let it.

When I got home, I was able to tackle my bedroom. Consider it unpacked, organized and cleaned. One less thing. Tomorrow night I'll be doing that to the living room.


laura b. said...

Your whole town is like Cheers. Everyone knows your name! That must be deeply satisfying...and occasionally deeply annoying. But only very occasionally :-) Mostly it seems like a good thing.

Remiman said...

Rest is a good plan.
Even good stress weakens your immune system.

Tara said...

Things fell into place for you to take it easy and see some of your friends! I love that kind of evening.

Hey, how did that supper club get started? I'm curious about starting one in this area.

booda baby said...

I think all things go that way. (Sounds slightly whacko in print, but in living, it feels JUST right).

Your life is reading beeeooootifully from this vantage, btw. Go, Vicariosity!

Churlita said...


Yeah.. Except the reason I know so many people is because I've waited on most of them when I was younger working in bars and coffee shops.


You're right. I'm trying to be good for the next couple of days.


It started with a couple people deciding to meet at different places every Wednesday to break up the week. People invite others and the numbers get larger. Some weeks there are tons of folks there and others only a few. It's a nice little thing. Just talk to your friends and ask them to invite others.

Booda BAby,

Thanks. Your life sounds amazing to me...And so much warmer. I believe in letting things happen they want to, up to a point. The more you fight the chaos, the more unhappy you become.

Susan said...

I got my living room done yesterday. The kitchen was basically done before we moved in completely. I have to tackle the bedroom tonight. I can't find any of my clothes. I just want to not face a morning going "where are my darned socks??!".