Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bitter Melodies Turning Your Orbit Around

I was going to actually try to do some real writing, but things were kind of weird tonight, (or maybe I was the only thing that was weird. Damn, I hate it when I'm all moody) and I realized that I was too tired and burnt-out to be all that very creative. Some friends asked me to meet them out, but I had the girls, so I couldn't. One of them was nice enough to message me for a bit, so I could get a little vent out. Which was very cool of them, but I've done the same for them before, so I'm sure it all evens-out in the end. So, I'm going to lame-out and try to go to bed early and maybe do some cleaning, since my good friend from Texas is coming to visit me tomorrow night.

But before I go, I'll leave you with this photo of what I wish I could do today - ride my bike for miles and miles out in the warm, Summery, Iowa countryside:


SkylersDad said...

There is something cathartic about a nice long bike ride. I hope you get out soon.

jeci said...

Rest up and feel better! That picture makes me yearn for summer too.

PS Love the bathroom--it looks great!

Remiman said...

Sorry you stumbled into the doldrums; hope today is much better.

Tara said...

Can we just skip Winter for a few years and go right to Spring?

Dexter said...

love the Wilco reference...

Mnmom said...

I can SMELL that photo

AlienCG said...

I hope you feel better, Churlish one. I love that picture, so peaceful and warm-looking.

booda baby said...

What? WHAT?!? Man up and put more of those beeeeooootiful snowy pictures up!! What is the point of living in the midwest if you can't take one for the team? :)

laura b. said...

Churlita, I am in a bit of a mood too. Is it just some end of year triste?
Probably some physical activity would help...I have been extra indolent during my vacation.

Churlita said...


I know. I love getting lost in my head while I'm riding my bike. It's so meditative.


Thanks. I plan to get some rest tonight for sure.


Yeah. I stumble into them from time to time, but luckily, it's a short trip before I find my way out again.


Wouldn't that be wonderful?


How are you? When are you coming back to Iowa?


The thick, sweet smell of corn with a tinge of pesticides? Can you hear the cicadas buzzing in the background, or will you only notice it when it stops?


I'm better now. Thanks.


It snowed again tonight. I'll see what I can do. Ha ha.


I think end of the year and a full moon - sad combo. I ran tonight and it helped a bunch.