Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Nullifies the Night From Overkill

Ironman is checking out the competition on my new comforter.

Well, kids. One good thing about getting older is gaining the ability to check your shit a lot faster than when you were younger. So, this weekend I tried to just relax and go with things. It worked out quite well, thank you.

Friday night Stinky babysat for my friend Eggo and Coadster went to a holiday party with a bunch of her show choir friends. If I wanted, I could have gone out with my friends for a bit, but I really didn't want to. Instead, I used that evening to hang out by myself and regroup. I watched movies and put my room back together and it was exactly what I needed.

My room color wasn't exactly what I wanted. I do love my comforter and curtains and those chocolate brown throw pillows, though.

I woke up on Saturday morning with a little painter's remorse. I was hoping for more of a mellow earth-toney sea foam greenish color for my room, but it looked a little more like someone came over and projectile vomited their Shamrock shake all over the walls of my room. A friend on FB suggested I do a wash on it, and I'm seriously considering it.

My friend JAM came over in the morning to check out my house. It had been at least a year since I had seen her, so it was great to finally hang out a little.

The girls and I have our little Christmas traditions and one of them is to go see a movie right before the holiday. We originally planned to see one on Friday night, but then Stinky got called to sit, and so we decided to see it on Saturday afternoon. We watched The Blindside. The girls don't always agree on everything, but they usually will agree on something about football. We all really liked it and Sandra Bullock was so much less annoying than she normally is for me.

We ran across some kids in gaudy Christmas sweaters. Nice.

Saturday evening, my friend B. came over to get one of my girls to babysit. He's the one I talked about in an earlier post. We've been friends forever, but haven't really hung out for a couple of years. He wandered around my house and we talked about renovations. He and his wife totally gutted their place and are staying with neighbors who happen to be fairly famous folksingers named Greg and Iris. So, he talked about how crazy all of that process has made him. One thing I love about him, is that even though I haven't talked to him in forever, we picked right up like we saw each other everyday.

Me and G. with the birthday girl.

I've been talking forever about how I've been trying to get G. to go to other bars. She really wants to meet someone to be in a relationship with and by staying at the Dublin, she'll only see the same 5 or so undatable guys she runs into every week. Saturday night, we finally expanded our horizons.

Our first stop was Joe's Place. I was hoping to run into the guy who subletted my apartment to introduce him to G., but he was nowhere to be found. We did see another guy who told us he was glad to see us in real life instead of just on Facebook and bought us drinks. We sat at his table for a little bit and met his friends. Our next stop was The Deadwood where our friend KT was having her birthday party. We had a lot of fun and my friend D. payed for my second and last beer there.

We eventually headed to a bar called Donnelly's. My friend E. and her boyfriend have been telling us for months what a nice place it was. So, we finally checked it out for ourselves. It was a little sparesly populated, but we really liked it.

As we do most Saturdays, we ended up at the Dublin. So, G, may not have met a new guy that night, but we had a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll find her a nice guy one of these days. I'm on the look-out.


Remiman said...

Your bedroom looks quite comfy.
I did the party thing this weekend; in between some minor household mishaps.

NoRegrets said...

Hi - you are inspiring me to get my butt in gear and paint. The prep sucks though, as you know. And sorry the color didn't turn out as you thought. I had that happen in my old place - much pinker than I had thought. I think maybe it's a rule in life to go one shade darker or something.

Sorry I've been a slacker visiting, but hope to catch up soon.

SkylersDad said...

I hate painting so much, but you are remote-guilting me into doing it again!

Ananda girl said...

First off, I love your room... but understand that true color does not come across in photos. I think a wash sounds great to tone it down for you... and fun too. Now I have to get busy on my own room.

Good luck to your friend... dating these days is a real emotional workout. I think it is wonderful that you are helping her.

Isn't it great when you click with someone like that?

laura b. said...

Paint is a tricky thing...from the photos at least, yours looks nice.

Glad to hear you guys got your movie in. I was curious about Blindsided.

I think it is a LOT more fun trying to fix up a friend as opposed to fixing up my own self. And it seems like something you might be good at, so your friend is in good hands :-)

dmarks said...

First picture you show, and it is of the iron man in your bed.

crazy4coens said...

I like the color and I like the action figure in your bed :-)

Tara said...

Have you ever thought of painting murals? You could paint a scene on your bedroom walls, and the light blue would be a nice, cheerful background!

Churlita said...


It sounds like you had a nice weekend. My bedroom is nice and comfy, the walls are just a little brighter than I'd like.


I went a shade lighter and it still was too bright. It's not horrible, just not exactly what I wanted. If the end result weren't so pleasing (in general) I probably wouldn't go through all the trouble to prep and paint either.

Skyler's Dad,

I don't mind actually painting. I kind of like it. I just don't like how long it takes to prep beforehand.


I know. I have a lot of respect for you guys who actively try to date. I just don't think I'm string enough for it right now. I'm just not in a space to deal with the disappointment it can bring. So, I'm putting all of my energy into my house. So much less disappointing.

Laura B.,

Exactly. It's so much easier to help my friend than it would be for me to actually try myself. I'm such a good wingperson because I think all my girlfriends are beautiful and cool, so I'm great at introducing them to guys with the most positive spin.


Duh. What girl doesn't want Ironman in her bed?


I'm getting more used to the color, and I always like an action figure in my bed. ha ha.


Hmmm. I think I might be afraid to try a mural. I never say never though...