Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Nobody Know My Troubles But God

Here's a picture looking out the bathroom window at the snow.

So, Stinky asked me if she could have some friends over to watch movies and play Apples to Apples tonight. I had no problem with that, because we have the room now and that way I know exactly where she is and what she's doing.

Since it's a co-ed deal, I like to go up and do surprise "hand checks" from time to time in order to ensure that no one gets impregnated in my house. During one of these, I was halfway up the stairs, when I realized they were watching Paranormal Activity. (I was able to get it at one of those Red Box dealies) So, I snuck the rest of the way up the stairs and yelled, "Boo!" And then cracked-up while several members of the state championship football team jumped out of their skins.

One of the guys, jokingly and cautiously said, "Wow. You're kind of an asshole..." Everyone else held their breath, while I tried very hard to keep a straight face (which is no easy task for me, let me assure you). I finally laughed and said,

"I know. I love that about me." Then, before I went back downstairs, I reminded them not to make-out. The same kid told me not to worry, because girls had cooties. And that was exactly the answer I was looking for.


Mnmom said...

Good comeback, asshole.
You handled that beautifully!

Remiman said...

I used to do that same thing to my daughter and her friends when they would be over watching Jason, or Freddy!!!
I have to admit though; they never verbalized the word asshole. ;)

Tara said...

I think I'm going to buy that movie and watch it at night with the lights off. It'll be spookier than seeing it in the middle of the day, I think.

SkylersDad said...

Nice move asshole, er, mom!

laura b. said...

You're the coolest mom ever :-)

Ananda girl said...

Ha! I love that.

Churlita said...


It was all about the delivery. He was actually pretty shy about saying it. And it was pretty true.


Kids today are getting saltier and saltier.


I didn't watch it myself, but they all seemed to be pretty creeped out by it.


Ha ha. I pretty much am an asshole.


I don't know about that, but I figure I might as well mess with teenager as much as I can. I have so few years left.



Not Fainthearted said...