Monday, December 07, 2009

Entertain Ideas of Great Communion

I took this pic with my phone on my walk home from work this afternoon, somewhere on Court Street.

My house was built in 1950. It's full of weird drawers, vents, oddly shaped closets and I just found the coolest skeleton key in one of the built-in drawers that has sent my mind running with all kinds of spooky scenarios about what it could be used for. (to open the gates of hell, perhaps?) On Sunday night, my friend G. came over and we played this game where we wandered around the house and tried to figure out what the hell certain things were supposed to be used for. I really love that about my place. I'm like that with people too. I appreciate the visible signs of aging, scars and especially, laugh lines on faces. Every line tells a story and it's almost always interesting.

There was one huge cupboard/closet thing in particular that I couldn't figure out what to do with. It has pretty thin and not very strong shelves and then in the door there are those metal holders that you find in refrigerators. Most of the people I showed it to, thought it was either another pantry or that those door holders might be for cleaning supplies. Originally, I thought I might use it to store all of my tons of CD's and books, but then I had to be realistic and admit that the shelves wouldn't be strong enough to hold that much weight. While I was working on unpacking boxes, I came across my art supplies. That closet would be perfect to hold all of our paints, fabric dyes, brushes, clay, inks, sponges and handmade paper. I love having a special place for all of that stuff. Now, I just have to figure out where to put all my books and CD's....

p.s. I realize that I ended an inordinate amount of sentences with prepositions in this post, but I'm in a mood to be grammatically defiant tonight.


Tara said...

A character on "Scrubs" cried about how she was worried that she had wrinkles, but it turned out she had just fallen asleep on her husband's corduroy pants.

I love that your house has some cool little features. And a skeleton key? Don't stumble into anyone's old Hoodoo room like Kate Hudson did in "Skeleton Key".

Pamela said...

Nice... Build wall shelves for the other stuff!

Poptart said...

Yes, visible shelving for the books and CDs - they can be lovely to look at!

egan said...

You still have CDs? I kid. I honestly can't remember the last one of those puppies I bought.

lablahblah said...

I lived in a house like that a long time ago. I loved all of the cute details and the odd drawers and cupboards. I'm so glad you are making the most of them :-)

booda baby said...

Go, messing with prepositional phrase, go!! What a pain in the ass those are.

It's just perfect that YOU should have a house full of nooks and crannies and surprising, odd things. I couldn't love this more, that Churlita has HER house.

dmarks said...

Someone must have built it while watching first-run episodes of "Twilight Zone"

Churlita said...

Tara, I know. I felt so much like Kate Hudson when I found that key.

Pamela and Poptart, Some of the books I'm putting in boxes and storing in a closet, the others I'm putting in shelves. A friend of mine is going to bring me a CD tower thingy for some of those and then others will also go into a closet. I have too many of both things to display all of them.


I even still have albums. yeah. I'm old Skool that way.


If anyone is going to appreciate that about a house, it's me. I feel so lucky.

Booda Baby,

Absolutely. Any of my friends who have been in my house say that is the perfect house for me. It's just as quirky as I am.


I haven't looked outside and seen monkeys on airplane wings, but there is enough other weird things to support your theory.

Lynnster said...

My mom's house she bought a few years ago was built in the Twenties and we find cool stuff in there all the time. I am so thrilled for you, Churlita, and am living vicariously through your home-buying experience, much congrats and I hope you love it for a long time to come!!