Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother Don't Worry, She's Got a Garden We're Planting Together

This past weekend was Mother's Day and we couldn't have a crappier weather weekend...Well, I guess we could have had there been a tornado or blizzard, but it basically was cool and rainy all weekend. It meant that I stayed inside most of Saturday, and THAT meant that Archie took the opportunity to follow me around whining and getting underfoot, so that I tripped over him, either injuring myself or him. Stupid cat.

The good thing about it was that I spent much of the day cleaning the house. It needed it and Archie, as always, was thrilled to lounge on the stools in a different place than they normally are. It's the little things...Or the big things on top of the little things, in Archie's case.

I also wanted to show you the cool project that John has been working on. He took all of the metal vents and painted them black. They used to be completely rusted, or a dingy off-white color. I think they look pretty slick with the black ceiling fans.

We ended the day on Saturday by swimming laps at the University Campus Wellness Center. Because it was graduation day here, it was pretty empty. Just the way I like it.

Sunday was Mother's Day. I'm not the biggest Hallmark Holiday kind of person, but my girls said they wanted to come over for brunch for Mother's Day, which was sweet, but...They didn't once offer to  help cook or do the dishes. I was a little hurt by that. I just thought, what the hell? You are "celebrating" me by making me cook and clean for you? Hmmmm. Not my favorite holiday, that.

John and I were going to go for a nice bike ride to Sutliff Bridge and  back because the weather was SUPPOSED to be nice, but Iowa can be cruel that way. John went on a nice walk with his mom in the morning. I will give Stinky this, she did help me in the garden for a bit after brunch. I made a nice, new teepee for the sugar peas I planted and she helped me get that going.

Then I gardened for the rest of the day. At least 8 hours worth. It rained on and off all day. It was nice to get that much done, though. Especially considering that I now have the vegetable garden in the front yard, the shade garden in the backyard, the partial shade garden on the side yard and three, count 'em, three flower gardens in the easement of my front yard. I am really curious to see how it all looks once everything comes to fruition.

I was happy to see my neighbors new bees coming over and checking out the garden this weekend. I just hope they start going for the actual flowers and not the petals that are dropping on the ground.

So, not to be a total complainer, here is the pillow my daughters gave me for Mother's Day. It is garden related and it appears to be helping the cat fall asleep and leave me alone for a while. So, I can't help but be grateful for that.

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