Monday, February 29, 2016

She's Tripping Down the Streets of the City. Smiling at Everybody She Sees

Oh, Iowa. Sure, it's supposed to maybe snow tomorrow, but on Saturday, it was up into the 60's. So, we took so much advantage of the weather to play outside.

We met our friends at the Deadwood and headed to Riverside. The wind was pretty strong going South and West. We had a lovely ride there, ate lunch at Murphy's and then headed back.

We had a tailwind for most of the ride back and boy was that lovely.

Since John and I both ran in the morning, we were sufficiently tired and ready for bed at an embarrassingly early, old people time.

Sunday morning was very pleasant. John and I both settled into the couch, where I drank tea, he drank coffee, I read my book and John watched one of the European classic races, pointing out to me the critical strategies going on with certain riders.

It was a great way to spend the morning, but it was too nice outside to stay on the couch all that very long. John and I got up and went on our respective running routes. Then I came home and made a nice tofu veggie stir-fry over brown rice.

 We stayed in after lunch for a bit, so we could get some things done around the house. I cleaned up my table that somehow attracts every piece of paper in the world and a huge, unruly pile seems to amass beyond my control. So, I cleaned up that mess and got all my tax stuff together. FINALLY.

By the time we were considering riding, the temperature was dropping steadily and the wind was gusting out of the Northwest.

We didn't figure we could ride road bikes very easily, and all the trails in our area were too wet to ride our mountain bikes on, so John suggested we do a townie mountain bike ride.

He led and I followed and we rode on the park across the street from us and went to the high school after that and rode on this dirt path by the tennis courts and then on the grass that encircles the track.

We found this cool place that just has a big water tank (?) on it and it's next to Hickory Hill Park, so it was fun and rolly and we scared up some deer and then headed to Seven Sister's Road.

In the 80's when Scott Blvd was still a gravel road that washed out whenever it rained, I used to run Seven Sister's Road and at that time, it eventually connected to Dodge Street. Seven Sister's Road is crazy hilly and now they made a new road close to it, so there is a big gate that is usually closed to the part that used to meet Dodge Street.

For some reason, that gate was open yesterday,  We were able to ride down the C road and then I saw the back of the billboards. I went over to see what they looked like from the front and that is what I saw. I had no idea they would be so digitized. I asked John why they had a billboard of an extremely concerned Will Ferrell. but he said he thought this guy was part of a news team. I guess that's what I get for not watching regular TV ever...

We rode home from there and it was so windy, it felt like my helmet was going to blow off my head.

So, we might get some snow this week. The good thing is that it's March now and things should be warming up in the next couple of weeks.


Todd said...

And then down came the snow. But the weekend sure was nice!

Tara Coady said...

We didn't get any snow here. We have another chance tomorrow, though.