Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lovely as a Winter Day.

I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day celebrator. You either are a good partner most days or you aren't. Artificial displays on a required day make me sad for people.I was single for many, many years before John and I started dating. If I want flowers, I buy them or grow them for me. I don't wear jewellery. and I'm trying to be better about not eating sweets. What John does give me every day, but was very apparent today, was his thoughtfulness. consideration and respect.

Today there were some scary, snowy road conditions on the drive home from Wisconsin. Stinky didn't feel comfortable driving in them. So, John drove her car, while I drove outs until we got to Iowa and the roads were better. Then Stinky was more comfortable driving and he and I followed her in our car all of the rest of the way  home. He said it  wasn't a big deal, but he is so good at helping out and making sure the girls and I feel safe and comfortable. It's always a big deal to me. Of course, the biggest deal is that he puts up with  my fat, orange, cat.

Here's to appreciating your partner and treating them with kindness and consideration every day.