Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let's Cure it 'Cuz We're Running Out of Time

Oh, man. These warm weekends are the best. On Friday night it was warm enough to sit on the porch with the cats for the first time since November. The cats love it when we're out there. They can lie on us and, if it's Archie, make us lose all feeling in our legs while they look at birds and bunnies and squirrels.

On Saturday it was in the upper 50's...In February. Really. I ran a 3.5 mile route and it didn't hurt my hips too badly. Then we ate lunch and met our friends for a bike ride to Solon. It was incredible. The birds were singing and every motorist who passed us waved and smiled at us. So great!

We made it to the brew pub and ate good food and drank good beer and just as we were getting ready to ride back, Bell Biv Devoe's song, "Poison" came on and we had to dance around the fire like pagan fools.
Don't worry. Archie loves dance parties too. I think he may finally have received enough attention.

We decided to keep the dance party going and had everyone meet back at our house. It was a lot of fun and everyone gave us a hard time that we were up WAY past our bedtime. That's right. We stayed up until 11 pm on a Saturday night. Scandalous!

It also gave our friends a longer opportunity to harass John. He isn't all that into dancing in general, so the boys smother him with all of their wild dance moves.

Sunday was a nice, mellow day for me. I spent some time cleaning the hell out of my living room and reading the end of a book. Then, John and I went to the rec services building for a lap swim. I was a little slow on the draw that day, but the nice thing about swimming is that it is basically no impact, so I can just go slowly and work on my form...Which could take decades.

Anyway, it does seem like the weather is breaking and we're moving toward a better season for me and most Iowans I see, seem to be much happier than they were a week ago. Now, if only my back/hip issues would rectify themselves, I'd be all set....

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