Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What a Drag it is Getting Old

Wow. This weekend. What a gas! The weather was lovely and my hip on my left side was FINALLY almost all better. I actually walked 2.18 miles on Friday night and tried to run little parts of it and didn't hurt too badly.

Saturday was really one of the best days I've had in a long time. It was well over 40 degrees at the end of January. My day look like this:

8 am - watch the elite women's world championship cyclocross race. It was incredibly close.

9 am - read my book and drink tea.

10 am - go to walk my 2.18 mile route and end up running the whole thing with almost no pain. Yea!

11 am. Run errands. go to bank, go to Can Shed and turn in recyclables for money. Go to the recycling place to get rid of glass that aren't refundable. Go to Prairie Lights and get my 4 books for the month. I got some really good ones, so I was pretty excited.

12 pm - We did a few things around the house and then got ready for a bike ride. Hooray!

1'ish pm. - We took off toward Solon, which is a very hilly ride. I hadn't ridden those hills since September, and apparently, I've lost a little fitness since then. It was beautiful and the weather was lovely and it all made me so very happy.

2:30'ish pm - Arrive at Big Grove Brewery and have some amazing food and a couple of beers and half-watch the Iowa State  basketball game and text Coadster my condolences after they lost.

3:30 - Ride home in more bucolic scenery and unseasonably wonderful temps.

A little before 5 - Get home, John washed off our bikes while I bathed, I cleaned up stuff in the kitchen while John bathed. Watch an Irish movie called, "Jimmy's Hall" and eat grilled peanut butter and jelly.

9'ish pm - Go to sleep and have lovely dreams of running and biking and food and beer and books and movies. Ahhhhh.

Sunday was another great day. We watched the professional men's world Championship cyclocross race and then we were going to run, but it was raining, so we swam laps instead. After we got home, the rain had stopped, so we both went on our respective runs. I was able to to another 2.18 miles with no damage to my hip.

We were supposed to go bowl with our RAGBRAI group and we were running just a little late, when we heard a loud crashing sound. We both assumed it was the cats, because it usually is...This time, we were wrong. The walter filter under our sink, cracked and fell and all the cold water came rushing out. Nice. John turned off the water, we cleaned it up with towels and then we headed out to bowl.

My friend Dawn got a score and was very happy.
We met our friends at the bowling alley and it was great. We talked about RAGBRAI possibilities and whether we would caucus and caught up on everything in general.

My friend Burne just missed scoring 100 and he was woebegone.
After we bowled a couple of games, some of the group went to play pool, but we had a date with Menards to see if we could replace that water filter.

Archie trying to "help" fix our sink.
The water filter wasn't all that replaceable and then I woke up on Monday with some crazy pain in my OTHER hip. That's right. I think it might be some kind of sciatica, because the pain shoots right down from my butt to the arch of my foot. FANTASTIC! I'm not sure about this whole second half of my turning 50 year. Things are seriously starting to take a turn. Check back next time when my arms fall off and my knees start to buckle...Oh, holy hell!


NoRegrets said...

With all the exercise you do, is your body in balance? Do you work opposing muscles? It might be your body is finally like wtf dude...

Churlita said...

I try to work opposing muscles. John thinks I might have messed up a disc when I was trying not to all on the ice when I was was running and was flailing about like a mad woman.