Thursday, March 03, 2016

It's Time to Start the Show. So Kids Let's Go!

This bike path is on one of my running routes and after work, it heads me straight in the line of the sunset, to my house.
Say, kids! What time is it? It's monthly stats time. It's monthly stats time... February was an interesting month. I was able to ride 4 of my 6 bikes last week. When does that ever happen in February? I was injured for running, but still trying to limp along. It was really cold, and then it was pretty warm, and then it was really cold, then it was unseasonably warm...And we went away for the weekend, just to finally get some cross-country skiing done. So, here's how it looked:

Indoor bike trainer work-outs - 4 times for a total of 3.4 hours.

Outdoor biking - 189 miles.

Running - the first couple of weeks, I was only able to run a few miles, but I'm trying to build up, so I was able to just hit 40 miles (I used to do that in a week for most of my adult life before I started racing bikes 4 or 5 years ago).

Lap Swimming - 4 miles

Cross-Country Skiing. TEN WHOLE MILES. FINALLY!

Fun Trips Taken - 1 and it was cold but ever so much fun.

Books Read - 7. "CivilWarLand in Bad Decline" - George Saunders, "The Painted Drum" - Louise Erdrich, "Night" - Elie Wiesel, "God Help the Child" - Toni Morrison, "The Sound of Things Falling" - Juan Gabriel Vasquez, "The Blazing World" - Siri Hustvedt, "The Unknown World" - Edward P. Jones

Paintings or Drawings - None.

House Projects - None. We did get some good cleaning done. Then we thought we might try to install a metal ceiling in the kitchen, and checked it out and nixed the idea when we figured it out that it would cost $1200. Oops! I'm sure we'll feel like working on the house now that it's getting warmer and racing season is upon us...

How was your February? Did you go on any fun trips? Were you better about doing your house projects than we were? That sure wouldn't be hard...

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