Thursday, March 10, 2016

Take it All in on Your Stride

 I took my first full vacation day off since our trip to Madison. This vacation day was just for me. For staying home and relaxing, getting a few things done and then going on a nice, long run.

I started out the morning reading my book on the couch. A thunderstorm rolled in and I got very, very sleepy. I set my book down to rest my eyes and woke up and hour and a half later. Oops!

I was awakened by Archie growling and hissing out the front window. I got up to see what he was so upset about and then saw the Fed Ex guy. Archie hate, hate, hates the mail carrier, or anyone else who leaves stuff at our door, apparently. I like the Fed Ex guy, He brought me my new helmet. It should match my racing kit AND it will make me highly visible on the road.

I ate lunch and then finished reading my book on the porch, since it was so nice out.

Around 1:30, I went out for my run. I wanted to do my 8 mile route. I hadn't been able to run that far since my injury in January. Being an old runner who has been running for 40 years and has  messed-up feet and other permanent problems with my legs and feet, I give myself a LOT of leeway.

After the first mile, my calf started to feel really tight and my plantar fasciitis on my left foot was hurting. So, I stopped and walked for about a quarter of a mile, until the pain went away, and then I was fine...For a while, anyway.

I ran through the cemetery, which I love. and felt pretty strong through most of run...Until the last couple of miles. I also have this thing called metatarsalgia - which is a burning feeling on the pads of my feet just below my toes. I started feeling that pain in my late 30's and it's gotten worse the older I get. John gets me these pads that help alleviate it a little, but if I run over 6 miles, it really can feel like I am running on glass. I made it the full 8 miles, but then had to sit for a minute for the worst of the pain to go away. I have some inserts I can try and use again and I hope those help.

I took a long, hot bath when I got home, ran a bunch of errands, made breakfast for dinner and then headed to Red's for a board meeting for my bike racing team. It was a full, lovely day. 72 degrees at the beginning of March.

I came back to work on Wednesday all refreshed and much happier. 

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