Friday, March 11, 2016

I Know When to Go Out. And When to Stay In

I have soooo much going on this weekend. Today, Stinky is dropping off her new puppy so we can watch him while Stinky and her boyfriend go to Chicago to celebrate St Patrick's Day. From the sound of it, Stinky and her boyfriend have already spoiled the puppy so much, that all the spoiling we do to him, shouldn't have much of a negative effect...But we all know that I'm up for the challenge.

On Saturday we head to Des Moines and do the Leprechaun Chase 10K. I am in NOOOO place to actually race. I'm still just starting to be able to finish a 10K. So, I will putter along and have fun and if I come in last, I come in last. I will still love the spectacle of the thing and meeting other people who are having fun playing outside too.

On Saturday we have our first bike race of the year. It's a part road/part gravel race. Once again, I am ridiculously undertrained to do any kind of bike race. Also, I'm not going to really take road racing seriously this year. I will sign up for local races (because I love supporting bike races, even though I'm not particularly competitive in them) and stay a Cat 4. I am old, fat, and slow and it seems silly to try and race against the fastest girls in the state when I can't keep up with the slowest ones. There are a few women in their fifties still racing road in Iowa, but none of them are built like me. Most of the women I raced with who were my age when I started, have quit racing on the road. Basically, they catted up when they got strong enough and then a few years later, stopped racing because there was no master's women category and when they lost strength as they aged and they would have to cat down, they chose to opt out. Some of them still race mountain bikes or cyclocross and time trials, so that's good. Anyway, for me, I like to do local races, but trying to stay with a pack of the fastest women racers in the state is a losing battle.

So, on Sunday I will kit-up, hop on my bike and have as much fun as possible and hang out with great people. 


Todd said...

Just have fun with it. Sounds like a pretty good plan.

Tara Coady said...

It was a great weekend!