Thursday, March 24, 2016

You've Been on a Road That Just Don't Seem to End

This was the vacant lot where my girls and their friends played "town" in the Spring until the poison ivy came in every year. I'm sad they cut all the trees down.

I took a half day of vacation on Tuesday afternoon. It was supposed to be the one nice day this week before it rained yesterday and snowed today.

It was a lovely day, I just didn't feel that well. I was going to try and do a 12 mile run, out to the Coralville Resevoir and back, but I'm pretty sure I had one of those weird migraines without the actual pain. I was dizzy and achy and an aura and I had some weird digestive problems, just like when I have a migraine, I just didn't feel the stabbing pain with it, is all.

I love to do adventure rides and runs. I know people who only want to do hard training rides or runs, and I do harder, training rides and runs too (although, judging from my results, probably not nearly enough....) but I love the long, slow, adventure rides where I go out and run or ride at a nice pace and check out the scenery and see what I can see...Which is exactly what I did on Tuesday.

I had no idea how long I'd be able to go, so I set off with no pressure and figured, if I got too dizzy or my feet hurt too badly, or I just wasn't feeling it, I'd head back and if running was too much for me, I'd walk back home. Either way, it was a beautiful day and I'm so much happier when I'm outside moving.

I just ran slowly and enjoyed the view and listened to music on my iPhone and talked to some cows and my feet got pretty sore, fairly early on in the run, so I turned around when I got to Newport Road and didn't make it all that very near the resevoir, but that was fine.

Once I hit Dewey Street on the way back, I ran into some of my old neighbors and they were just going to take their dogs for a walk in the cemetery. I hadn't seen any of them for a long time, so I stopped and walked a ways with them in order to catch up a little.

I took off back to my house and my feet were still hurting, so I stopped after I hit the 9 mile mark. It wasn't quite as far as I wanted, but it was better than not running at all. I couldn't have asked for a better adventure...Okay. I would like to ask for new feet that don't hurt and not to get any more migraines (not even the painless kind) but everything else was great.

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