Friday, October 09, 2015

Ooooh, You're the Best Friend That I Ever Had.

Well, kids, it's been an interesting week. I'm not sure if I'm quite over my cold yet or not. I went to test it out this morning and ran a little over to miles at a leisurely pace. Mostly, I did a lot of leaf crunching. My favorite.

The week wasn't all sickly and sad and snotty. On Wednesday, John and I decided to go to the Rec Services Building and sit in the steam room to try and get stuff moving out of our lungs. I think I may still have had a bit of a fever, though, because I couldn't handle the heat and therefore had to get out of the steam room. I tried the sauna and it was a little much for me too.

Before we left for the gym, my girls were converging at my house to head to Woodpecker Trail for a hike together in the amazing weather. I told them to meet us at Shorts afterward for dinner and a beer. If there was one thing I could have hoped for my girls, was that they would be good friends as adults and look out for each other, and decide to take hikes in the woods together. Okay, if there was one thing I could have hoped for my girls, it would have really been two things...Those three things I just mentioned. Anyway, I'm happy it came to fruition.

We are all set and ready to head back to Madison for the Trek CXC Cup. We registered long before I got sick and got a cute AirBnB place for next to nothing. I have no idea if I'll be able to race or not. We'll see how I feel. According to Heidi, it's a nail biter.

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