Wednesday, October 28, 2015

And When You Wake Up It's a New Morning. The Sun is Shining, It's a New Morning.

On Sunday, I thought I might try to implement my plan of doing a slow, 2 mile run to start working on my fitness. After I woke-up and felt like crap, I bagged that plan and decided to get under a soft blanket on the couch and read and have tea with Archie.

John went out to look at possible new Cyclcross courses for races next year, so I had the whole house to myself to listen to  my girly Joni Mitchell Pandora station. It was heavenly.

By the time John got home, we had to start getting ready for a social ride with our friends. We chose to head to Riverside, because it's a nice, easy, ride and only 35 miles, there and back. It was a lovely day. I felt fine, while we kept a nice easy pace, but when we hit some rolling hills, and the boys tried to race up to the top of the biggest one, I couldn't keep up with them, when I usually can and I was wheezing every time I breathed in. Not that I was being overly dramatic or anything, (ahem) but I started to wonder if I had bronchitis or something. It's not that improbable, since a lot of people in my office have had it in the last week or two. John rolled his eyes when I mentioned it. He said that I probably had the same cold he has had for a week longer than mine and a harder effort would bring stuff up out of my lungs (mmmmmm. Pretty) and that's probably why I was wheezing and hacking. Fair enough.

 We got to Murphy's in Riverside, apparently, right after the tour bus. Que' lastima! It took us 45 minutes to get our food, but our waitress was very sweet and very apologetic and we all knew going in after a big bus of people, that it would take some time.

We made it back to Iowa City, about a half hour before we were supposed to be at a pumpkin carving party.

The pumpkin carving party was lovely. The weather was perfect and John and I were able to ride our bikes there and back. The hostess of the party originally lived in Prague and she made some wonderful mulled wine and it was delicious. I tasted it, but I can't really drink red wine because it gives me migraines. How sad is that?

Anyway, we got to talk to a bunch of little kids about what their Halloween costumes were and watched the kids and adults carve pumpkins, sat in front of a fire, rode back and still got home by about 8. Not bad for all we tried to pack in on a Sunday.

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