Friday, October 02, 2015

But Where Are the Cats? There Ought to be Cats.

Now that it's cooler out, Archie makes one hell of a fat, furry, orange blanket when I read.
It's Friday and the weather is immaculate on this beautiful October day. Both John and I have had mild colds, so we'll see what kind of races, if any, we have.

We're supposed to race in the Madison, Wisconsin area on Saturday and then De Kalb on Sunday. Hopefully, we'll get to have dinner with my brother and one of my sisters who live in Madison. Of course, Iowa plays Wisconsin that day, so we'll probably stay far away from the University. I guess we're having ourselves some first world, Midwestern, Fall, problems this weekend, aren't we?


Todd said...

If you have Iowa plates on your car I would not leave it unattended in the campus area. Seriously.

Churlita said...

We made it out of Madison alive...Even though Iowa beat them.